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On Tuesday July 15, 2014 Jimmy Bellinger joined fellow Disney Channel actor Cole Sand and dance/actress/model Jordyn Jones at an elementary school in Burbank, CA.


He was asked to share how he reaches for his dreams and give the students (who all have special needs) his advice for them to reach for theirs.

Jimmy shared that he had always wanted to be an actor and left his home state of Maryland and his family in order to pursue his dreams.

Jimmy explained that while he is most recognized for his role as love struck Artie on Liv and Maddie he has been in several other projects including Geek Charming.

He was also in a movie called “A Smile as Big as the Moon” which is about a group of special education students who attend space camp.

Jimmy encouraged the students to work hard but also have fun!

Students asked him questions:

One asked how old he was. Did you know he’s 23 ? His birthday is later this month!

Someone asked him which scenes were his favorite and he said the time where he and Joey Bragg raced in rocket chairs and when he got to have his “Diva Moment” on Liv’s bed!

Someone asked if he wanted to be famous and he surprised us by saying “no” he just wants to be an actor and play different characters well!

Someone asked if he was on any Nickelodeon shows and he said he wasn’t but he is working on something for The Nickelodeon app.


He even sang for us when someone asked him too. He has a great voice!

Afterwards he signed autographs.




We think it was SO nice of Jimmy to come and spend part of his day with these special kids! He’s a really nice guy and we hope to see more of him on Liv and Maddie as well as other projects !


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