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Kyle Red Silverstein (who can be seen in the Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore movie Blended) stopped by with his dad and sister Lily to lend their support for Alex’s Lemonade stand!


Kyle and sister Lily loved meeting Jiff the Pomeranan.


Kyle’s dad took the fundraising a step further encouraging people to stop and even just donate spare change while they were driving by!


The there stayed for a while and had lots of fun supporting this great event!


Alexirob hosted the “Alex’s Lemonade stand in Burbank, CA on June 7 as part of “National Lemonade Days”.
Her school friends, and family helped and were joined by the Helpful Honda Guys and Girls in Blue as part of their Random Acts of Helpfulness campaign.

Alexirob called on young Hollywood celebs to join the nationwide campaign to raise money to find a cure for childhood cancers.

Hubert’s Lemonade provided over 200 bottles of Lemonade in several delicious flavors. Pretzel Crisp donate over 100 bags of yummy healthy crisps. Earth Rated donated earth friendly poop bags in convenient on the go poop bags for customers who owned dogs!

Over $800 was raised and donations can still be made here:

Alexirob is a regular kid with a fun life! She has met hundreds of celebrities attending premieres, screenings, meet and greets and tapings in LA.
She and her mother have put their experiences and tips on 2 websites to help others meet and support celebrities too. Her blog is here:
She and her mom also keep an updated celebrity event calendar to help fans and support celeb events:

More About Alex’s Lemonade stands:

“Alex” Scott was just 4 years old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a childhood cancer. She began selling lemonade at her Pennsylvania school to donate to find a cure for cancer.
She passed away at 8 in 2004 but the Tradition is still going strong!
Alex Scott issued her lemonade stand challenge to the nation encouraging people everywhere to hold lemonade stands during one weekend in June to help fight childhood cancer – one cup at a time. Watch National Lemonade Days is our annual June tradition that commemorates the time of year when Alex held always held her stand and holds special significance this year as we honor 10 years since Alex issued her challenge.

Learn more about how you can host a stand here:


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