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How cool would it be to meet the stars and author of The Fault in our Stars ?

Check out this info about upcoming meet ups!

As per 20th Century Fox, four states with the largest amount of votes will be chosen to be part of the TFIOS “Demand Our Stars” promo tour.

Shailene, Ansel, Nat and John will visit the four states between May 6 and May 10. Winning states will be announce through a press conference in New York.

George Dewey, SVP of domestic digital marketing for Fox, told Publisher’s Weekly that the exact details of each event have not been confirmed yet.

“It’s not going to be a 15-minute thing for sure,” Dewey said. “We’re still working out some of the timing. Some of this will be dependent on which state they go to and what they’re doing. It’s not going to be a super-quick thing.”

Locations of each fan event has not been revealed and will depend on the states that win.

Omg!! I hope they come to Los Angeles!
I would love to attend this event!!

Found out the 4 states and California isn’t one of them!


I’ll try to get more specifics and post them when I do!


Comments on: "The Fault in Our Stars nation wide tour and meet up dates announced May 4, 2014" (1)

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