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Living in LA has its benefits! We have great weather and can go to the mountains or beach in about an hour!

One other fun thing about LA is you never know when you will see a celebrity or pass by a film crew taping a movie or TV show!

On May 1, 2014 we noticed tweets that said Glee was filming at the mall in Burbank. That’s right by our school, so we headed right over after school!

Sure enough, the center part of the mall which usually has a trampoline jumping area was transformed I into a stage and concert area for Amber Riley’s Character Mercedes Jones!


The mall was still open and people were allowed to watch.


Checking Lea Michelle’s twitter confirmed it was the 2nd to last day of filming stage the season 5 finale.


The scene was Mercedes signing at what looks like a concert or album release party for Park and Bark!

They filmed the same scene for a few hours – someone hands Mercedes a microphone, she sings with back up dancers including Heather Morris while Artie films them. Sam, Blaine and Rachel are in the audience too. As she sings more and more people come over to watch and listen. At the end Sam goes on stage and hugs her!

In between scenes the cast hung out took selfies talked and Amber’s make up lady kept her looking perfect!

There were tons of extras hanging around waiting for their cue to go down the escalator and check out the concert!


After about 2 hours Lea and Chris left.


Chord Overstreet left the filming area and chatted with some of the crew!


It was cool seeing the cast chill between takes! They seen to really like each other !





We went out to see if the cast was done for the day and found shuttles that were transporting the cast.


Darrin stayed and talked with Amber’s back up dancers.


The cast and crew hopped in the shuttles and were driven away.


Amber came out wearing comfy slippers and climbed into a special van!


She tweeted that her feet were hurting her but that it was worth it!



Almost forgot .. Saw these cool chairs in a blocked off area!


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