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Ok .. Who’s been seeing and hearing stuff about a new movie starring Bella Thorne, Ryan Ochoa, Calum Worthy, Madison Pettis and Roshon Fegan?
It’s all over social media but not much is actually known about the project!

Well we have done some research online and visited the site where a few scenes were being filmed!

By reading the stars’ tweets, looking up the original RL Stine story and from what we know of the first Mostly Ghostly movie, we have figured out a lot!

First here’s the Cast and the roles we think they will be playing!

Madison Pettis is the only actress who has returned in the same role as Tara. She posted a pic of her script!


Ryan is playing the main character Max
He posted this pic on set:


The movie is subtitled “Have you met my Ghoulfriend?” and it seems pretty clear that Bella is the Ghoulfriend from pics from location.


We also know that Calum Worthy is in the movie and since the IMDB listing says he’s Colin Doyle .. That makes him Ryan Ochoa’s character’s Max’s brother.

Tara (Madison Pettis) has a brother named Nicky so that must be who Roshon Fegan is playing!

Also, from our visit at the location today, we saw that Carolyn Hennesy from Jessie is playing a mean PE soccer coach.


The film will be filming for 3 more weeks.
This week’s scenes were at a park and in the gym that was made to look like a high school!

There were scenes on a soccer field where Ryan was running and Bella was watching in cheering on the soccer team.
The high school is called Plover High School and the mascot is a Panther





Here’s is me with one of the soccer players who were extra’s today.


In between scenes, Bella hung out at the playground with friends. She was SO pretty and elegant!


Dani Thorne (Bella’s big sister) is working behind the scenes with the wardrobe department on set!


Here’s a detailed summary of the RL Stine book the movie is based on!
We have no idea if the movie will follow the story closely or not but it sounds like it will be very fun to watch!

Max’s bargain with his ghost buddies, Nicky and Tara, still stands: he will help them discover how they died and what’s happened to their parents. In return, they’ll help him amp up his coolness factor and avoid the boarding school his father wants to send him to.

Max keeps hearing a cat in his bedroom. Even his big brother, horrible bully Colin, and his parents hear it. Max worries that the cat might be in his bedroom’s ghost tunnel — the one he vowed never to enter again. The evil ghost Phears also shows up as a wasp that dives into Max’s ear. He threatens to send a berserker ghost, guaranteed to drive Max crazy unless Max delivers his ghost friends to Phears.

To complicate Max’s life further, he must keep a daily journal for his English teacher. His existence has become so “hauntingly” strange that he obviously can’t tell the truth in his diary.

First Colin and then Max begin speaking only gibberish. Max starts to lose control of his body, screaming and cartwheeling around. Unfortunately, one of Max’s louder gibberish spells occurs after his favorite teacher, complaining of a horrible headache, requests silence. Back to the principal’s office he goes, yet again. Max continues to go berserk, at one point actually licking the face of the girl he has a crush on (can you say “mortifying”?). Could Max be possessed by the berserker ghoul? Will he be able to resist surrendering Tara and Nicky to Phears? And what about that ghost cat?

Who’s excited about this new project??
I have to say I think the cast and story line is going to make it a hit! Look for it on Disney Channel around Halloween Time!!

(These are all our guesses! We could be totally wrong! We haven’t gotten any official word from the stars or studios!)

Update March 26, 2014

Eric Allen Kramer will play Ryan and Calum’s Dad!
Here’s a pic he posted of his “family”!


Gigi Rice is playing Ryan And Calum’s mom in the movie!



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