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Girl Meets World is a highly anticipated new Disney show starring Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter as best friends.

What makes Girl Meets World SO special is that it is a spin off of Boy Meets World. This show already has a huge adult fan base who grew up watching Cory and Topanga as they went thorough the trials and tribulations of adolescence and end up together.

They now are parents to two amazing and beautiful kids, brilliantly played by Rowan Blanchard and August Maturo.
Cory is a teacher at daughter, Riley’s middle school.
The younger cast is rounded out my Minkus’ son Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) and a cute teenager transplanted from Texas named Lucas and played by Peyton Meyer.

The alumni of Boy Meets World have been popping up on set either to visit Or guest star!

Creator Michael Jacobs is at each taping and introduces each member of the cast with an exact recall of when they each came in to audition. Fans learn all kinds of little known facts.

I think 13 episodes have been filmed at this point. Tonight was the Holiday Episode.

Betsy Randle and William Russ (who played Cory’s mom and dad on “Boy Meets World”), returned and this time were grandparents as well as parents!

Cory’s best pal Shawn returns and we find out why he has been distant for the past 13 yrs.

Uriah Shelton was introduced as Corey’s younger brother! There seemed to be a little chemistry between his character and Maya, Riley’s BFF.

Peyton Meyer who plays Lucas (he was originally named Tristan) also had a recurring role on Dog with a Blog. Co stars G Hannelius and Kayla Maisonet paid him a visit on set and brought cupcakes! – as fans In the audience recognized G – they started shouting “Avery” “Avery”

There was a family from Chicago who were the next people to go just as there was no more space for fans! One of the 2 girls began crying loudly and after a while a cast member’s mom happened to notice and brought the family in a special area where they could watch the scenes on monitors. When Danielle Fishel found out about them she invited them to the floor to meet the rest of the cast for pics and autographs after the curtain call!

Here’s a few pics posted by the cast:

From Danielle Fishel’s Instagram

Credit August Maturo

Credit August Maturo

I was able to bring a few friends to the taping and here are our pics from 3/18/14








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