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Zendaya will soon be traveling to Jamaica and performing at an awards show.

Here’s information about the show!

The vision of the Youth View Awards, the YVAs is a people choice awards that offers a creative vehicle for Jamaican teens and young adults’ voices to be heard! The categories included favourite celebrity in entertainment, fashion, sports, and the coveted award of celebrity role model of the year!

The YVAs and After Party is an award show and after party experience like no other offered in Jamaica. It’s Jamaica first award show that fully embraces and incorporates the views of the target demographics . The YVA s experience is rivaled only by that of international award shows. From the screaming fans, the lines of limos, the flashing bulbs from of the paparazzi on our celebrity red carpet, the giveaways, to the performance filled high energy award show and tops off the night the with jammed packed after party experience!!!!

The 7th Annual Youth View Awards & After Party will held at National Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday February 2014.

The YVAs ideal form of expression for the Young Hot and Hype demographics!
Simply put the Youth View Awards is “the” awards show for Jamaica teens and young adults!

The Ultimate Award Show & After Party Experience !



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