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On January 14, 2014 we were lucky enough to attend the live taping of Girl Meets World at LA Center Studios. This was our 2nd time, the 3rd time they had a live audience and the 7th episode.
The name of this episode is Girl Meets Father.
The series will have “Girl Meets ____ “as the title for all of the episodes.

The audience is taken in after going through a metal detector and taken to seats. The audience area holds about 150 people. Some are VIPs who are friends of the cast and crew.

The audience gets to see the pilot episode shot months ago.
In the pilot, we meet the Matthews Family.
Cory and Topanga have been married for 14 yrs and live in New York. Cory is a middle school teacher. It isn’t clear if Topanga has a career.
They have a middle school aged daughter named Riley, played be Rowan Blanchard. Riley’s best friend is Maya, played by Sabrina Carpenter. Maya is street smart and a rebel. Riley is sweet and a rule follower.

They meet “Tristan” (Peyton Meyer) on the subway. He is a handsome, sweet boy from Texas.
Riley, Tristan and Maya are all in Cory’s middle school social studies class.
By the way, it was announced that Tristan’s character is being renamed to Lucas.
Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) is another student in the class. He is smart, an overachiever and in love with Maya and Riley.
When they filmed the pilot, there was going to be an older son played by Teo Halm. He appears in one scene but has since been replaced by a younger brother played by August Maturo. There is a scene in the subway where there is a poster saying something pro school related with an image of Mr Feeney.

After the Pilot was aired, Michael Jacobs introduced each member of the cast exposing a bit how they were chosen and the back story to their auditions.
He revealed that Danielle wasn’t the first choice as Topanga. He shared when the network execs were worried about their first choice not working out, and that they’d need to have another search he said “I have Topanga right here.” She was there to play a but part in an upcoming episode.
He explained that when the decided to have a 5yr old actor play a younger brother, he was prepared to write parts for a kid to “lay around” but when they found August they realized he could really act and be a valuable contributing part if the cast and storyline.
The audience clapped for the cast and they began taping the 5 live scenes they were filming that night. The rest of the episode had been pre-taped and were shown to us on monitors where they fit in the episode.
Each scene took about 5 takes and the story followed Riley wanting to go to her school dance. The dance was on the same night as a tradition Riley had with her father Cory.
Maya got an “F” on an assignment and had to work through her issues with the Matthews family. She doesn’t have support at home so the family take her under their wing.
At two separate times Ben got the warm up guy’s microphone thanked us for coming. He called out a few members from the audience who were “super fans” he must be checking Twitter and hashtags. He knew two huge fans Debbie from New Jersey and Kelly.

After the final scene was taped there was a curtain call.
After That the stars came to sign autographs and take pictures with the audience. Ben saw me and said “Hey, are you Little Miss Hollywood?” Which is part of my Twitter name (@alexirob)
The whole cast signed including Danielle had hasn’t signed the past two times.
The seating area is about 5 ft above the set and there’s an iron structure between the audience area and set. We took pictures through the bars. After about 20 minutes security asked us to head out.

The writing is much more sophisticated than other Disney shows. It is a comedy but the jokes are sweet not corny.
This is a show parents will want to watch with their kids. Ben and Danielle have great chemistry. The entire young cast are talented and fun to watch.
The show is really heartwarming and well written.
It should air on Disney Channel in late spring or early summer.








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