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Olivia Holt from Kickin It and Girls VS Monster has formed a team to walk at an upcoming St Jude Event.
I have joined her team and we want to raise as much money for St Jude’s as we can!

Please consider donating to this amazing charity! Every dollar you donate helps a child with cancer!

Here’s Olivia’s tweet:


I love helping charities and have a fun way to raise money!

I meet a lot of stars at events in LA. Sometimes stars are signing pictures and cast photos. My mom and I both go through the line and I get one for me and my mom asks for an extra for our charity work!

I have lots of extra cast pictures and autographs I can mail as thank you gifts if you donate to my fundraising page.

I’ve done this lots of times before! It’s a great way to help everyone!

1. Choose the gift you want.

2. Check the suggested donation amount.

3. Let me know on Twitter @alexirob that you would like to donate and check if the item you want is still available.

4. Donate here

5. DM your address

6. I’ll follow you give you a shout out and send out your gift!

The walk is November 23, 2013
I’d like to have all donations in by 8pm on November 22.

For any donation of $10 or more, I’ll send a Catching Fire Bracelet. I have 5 of these left.


If you love Modern Family, this is the Thank you gift for you! A deck of cards, bumper sticker and glasses from the MoFy Nation fan appreciation day!
These are gifts for a $20 or more donation.
I have a nolan Gould autograph I’ll send to the first person who requests this gift.


I have a crash and Bernstein prize pack for a donation of $20 cast photo, eraser and sticker.


I have lots of autographs for donations of $20 or more ill also send 2 for a donation of $30 to the same address.








I’ll also add surprises from items in this picture to whatever you requested


I also have autographs from Cimorelli as a thank you gift for a $20 donation


Thanks for your time! If you can’t donate but still want to help share this blog with your family and friends!!


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