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Ariana will be hosting holiday parties throughout the U.S. Join her for fun and festivities this holiday season. Order a digital download of Yours Truly from her website now through Sunday 9/8, and you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to celebrate the holidays with Ariana Grande in various cities including: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City and San Francisco.

One (1) album purchase includes one (1) invitation for you plus one (1) parent/guardian. Transportation will not be provided. More details to come with an email that will be sent closer to the holidays to RSVP to each party.

You MUST buy the CD from Ariana’s official website. If you already bought a CD or bundle and you are in one of the cities .. Don’t worry you will receive an email closer to the holidays!

to learn more or order click here


Comments on: "Ariana Grande is hosting Holiday Parties this season" (8)

  1. Baltazar Aguirre said:

    I’m going to the holiday party but my sisters aren’t… Well I don’t know because the deadline was yesterday for ordering the album right? Well I ordered mine Friday & my sisters haven’t… She’s crying and the other one is bummed out. Can I do anything? Can i still buy it?

  2. Lauren schuman said:

    My daughter bought the newest album off of iTunes and her friend received an email weeks ago as to which city she lived in. My daughter bought the cd the same day and never received an email. It is the Chicago location. I also have a receipt showing that she bough it and doesn’t want to miss out. Please let me know what to do.

  3. The only way to get the invitation was to order it through the site by September 8th. A lot of people were upset that they had already bought the CD in the store but it didn’t count. I barely made the cut off. I ordered on the 8th at night and they tried to say I ordered it on the 9th so I had to send them my invoice and prove to them when I purchased the album to get on the list!

    • Andrea frizzi said:

      How do I email them to get the invite cause I purchased it on the website on the 8th too!!

  4. Hi Megan I have the same problem and still haven’t gotten my invite. Could you please tell me how you got in touch with them?

  5. I have not gotten my invite either. Is their any way I can fix this problem? ūüė¶

  6. I never got an email to RSVP and the party is this Saturday December 7th. Is there any way I’ll still be able to go, I’m very upset.

  7. Andrea frizzi said:

    I bought the album the day before the deadline still haven’t revived a email!!!

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