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Ok so fake suicides happen a LOT on Twitter and Instagram – there’s a very disturbing saying “no one cares unless your pretty or dead” well, we can’t all be pretty can we?

(before I get into this.. Do NOT send this girl hate.. She’s going through enough already .. This isn’t being hateful or bullying to write this .. She posted it ALL on a public social media website.. So no one needs to say I’m violating her privacy or anything. I just know when these things happen people are SO confused. So I write these to clear things up)

So, when some people who are depressed or lonely or bored they fake their own suicide. It’s happened a LOT and there are usually ways you can tell they are fake. The biggest clue is they are tweeting right before, during and after. People who are really ready to die have given up on life .. They aren’t tweeting, checking mentions, RTing tweets or posting pics.

That said, suicide is heartbreaking and serious and we really need go get the word out there that there IS help, not on Twitter from fanbases but from trained professionals.


Ok so lets look at this case. Twitter blew up yesterday especially in the Janoskians fanbase. Apparently a girl was suicidal, got a DM from Jai and people were going crazy. Some people believed it 100% some people thought it was totally fake especially when “mom” started tweeting!!


People were like “what mom picks up her dead daughter’s phone and starts tweeting? Especially when the body is still right there?? Also, you can’t plan a funeral that fast. People who take too many pills wouldn’t die that fast. It takes a while for the body to shut down. They thought maybe instead of tweeting the mom should call 911. Also, most moms would know how to tweet or tag people.

So they were saying, “watch, tomorrow she’s going to come back and say she was hacked!” That DOES happen a LOT with fake suicides.

Well that isn’t exactly what happened. There was another account that opened early in the morning saying she was the girl and that she was sorry.




She even went on and explained how and why she did it. Some people were mad and some were really understanding.

Then about the same time whoever owned this account stopped posting on it – the girl went on her old account and tweeted a link to her TwitLonger

“Hey, you don’t have to read this because I get that you hate me. But I just really want you to know the truth, literally everything. I was getting bullied that day over and over again, it wasn’t anything like what you think it was much worse. You can say I deserve it, yeah. I got on twitter and I made a tweet saying “Retweet if you would care if I killed myself and don’t judge me because you don’t know what I’ve been through.” I started getting loads of dms saying nobody would care if I did so I made the rant. I told you my life story. That wasn’t even half of it. I decided that it was time again and I should just be free. I wanted to die, I actually am depressed and suicidal just so you know. But you all think that this is a joke now do you? I’ve attempted over ten times now and failed. Yes I was in the hospital with my brother. I don’t fucking know who was tweeting off my account. I have a co-owner who I met and her name was Steph. She got pissed off at me one time because I told her she should never stop supporting the boys so basically she knew how I’ve tried taking pills and this and that and made those things. I got back from the hospital and I saw those tweets. I was shaking and I was scared. But you all referred to it as fake. Yes fake. That I would fake my own fucking suicide for attention. Would I? Would I really? I saw everything you guys said. About how you wish I was dead and how I should rot in hell. About how I don’t deserve anything. What about all of those times, that I stayed up multiple nights trying to get you all noticed. That I spent my fucking time writing those fucking imagines for you. What about when I tried to do everything I could to make people happy. The people I thought who loved me, yeah I saw your tweets. They were all over my TL. My whole TL was about me being an attention seeker. When I’m not even? I wouldn’t do something like this you can’t possibly be serious? For attention? To get noticed by Jai? Do you think that this was planned, that I would do this as some sick joke to make everyone cry and feel bad for me just so I could get hate. Hm? You’re probably reading this and laughing because you think it’s utterly complete bullshit but it isn’t. I wouldn’t dare do something like this. But after seeing all of your tweets, about “Why don’t you just deactivate stupid bitch.” “Hoe.” “Go fucking die.” I did as you told. But I didn’t have anymore pills, I didn’t have a rope or a gun. All I had was a knife and I just didn’t do it. I thought you’d all be happy that I was still here? You all said how you wished I was still here or that I didn’t go. “That was before we knew you faked suicide.” I didn’t fucking fake anything. I am depressed and I always will be. But I’m the most common subject that everyone is talking about. Jai hates me for sure. As a matter of fact you all hate me. Knowing my own fanbase hates me for something I didnt do? “You did do it and it’s your fault.” Why would I do something like this? Hm? Why the fuck would you think this? Oh right because I’ve done this before. But no, last time it wasn’t fake and neither was this one. YES. I was at the fucking hospital. YES. I was taking my own life. YES I did attempt but I failed AGAIN. And as for all of your tweets, I know that nobody wants me here. I’m not accepted anymore, I never was and you all could care less about me. But just know this, I wish I never mentioned suicide because if I didn’t people would just be happy with their lives. Im just known as the attention seeking bitch aka the queen of whores. And that really hurts me. I was going to tell you I was all okay! I was going to tell you all I failed! I was going to! By I was in the fucking hospital between those two hours or whatever. “I found her dead on the floor.” What the fuck would a mom say that for? I just don’t understand. Or “Her funeral is next week.” You cant fucking plan a funeral in two hours are you dumb? So you honestly think that I would do this. Do this to myself? Do this to one who’s been bullied all of her life and couldn’t stay strong anymore? Do you feel good, because nobody wants me here on twitter or in this world. I cried for hours last night because of this. But I’m not allowed to be in this fandom anymore. I’ve upset Jai and the other boys will soon be upset too. I’ve upset everyone. @beausforce I’m so sorry to you as well. I saw things like “Can’t believe we trended this for her.” And I was actually emotional. But you’re right. I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve it at all. How did I see all of the hate? Good question, I went on my saved account and kept searching my name up. Well I’m pathetic to everyone and you all said it yourself that I deserve to die. Well right now I can’t but soon enough I’ll try again and again until I don’t fucking fail. You all hate me, and I’m not accepted into this fandom anymore. The boys are ashamed of me. But I really am sorry and I feel so bad. But I would never write tweets like those. Think about all of those times, the times that I tried to make all of you smile or laugh. The times I stuck by you when things were hard. Think about how you all said I was sweet? What happened to that? I know you’re all expecting this to be a joke but it isn’t. I’m crying writing this right now tbh. I agree! Faking suicide is sick and you just shouldn’t do it. There are people put there who struggle with depression and fight for their lives. Well guess what? So am I! I am depressed. I have a hard life right here right now. My parents DON’T care about me. You know how I know? They were out while I was in the hospital. It doesn’t matter, you don’t care and I’m writing this for nothing. No, I’m not @SahyoniesQueen or @dsahyounieily. I never sent messages from ask saying it was me. I am sorry to both of you as well. @Lukeswishes for feeling like I betrayed you and that Jai hates you. If Jai hates anyone it’s me. And you @idkluBe for not telling you this but I knew you wouldnt believe me. To fake suicide is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The last possible thing I could think about is getting noticed. You really think that I planned on getting noticed by Jai? That I planned on getting a tweet follow and dm. Well I fucking didn’t. The dm got out and everyone said I didnt deserve it. But what you don’t know is I really am suicidal and depressed, I’ve tried to take my life several times. Not for attention but for my own health. The whole fandom lost respect for me and they don’t want me here so I get it. Because I pushed you all away, I won’t continue being in this fandom or on twitter. I’ll still support the boys even though they hate me. I’ll still watch their videos even though they hate me. I just won’t be on twitter. Trying to get noticed. Not for “attention” but for hard work. Because you have to earn it.

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry that I hurt everyone. I’m sorry that I worried you all. I was going to tell you right when I logged in just as I saw those tweets. My interactions were full of hate and I did this all for attention? That’s interesting as to why I would even think about this.

You can say this is bullshit, you’re laughing right now and about to make a comment on this. Well go ahead. It doesn’t matter anymore because I’m not accepted here and everyone wants me to die. No I’m not covering up. No I’m not lying. I’m just being honest and if you can’t believe that then fine. But please stop! Please stop sending me hate and talking about me! Please stop making parody accounts and pretending that you’re me! It isn’t funny and it’s really hurting me. I see all of your hate all of it and I don’t want to be known as the one who ruined the fandom but it’s too late. It’s too late to apologize. I’m so sorry. But that is something I would never do yet alone think of!”

So she’s apologizing for the “attempt” but blaming hackers or a co owner for pretending to be her mom. She also says she wasn’t the one running the “was______” account who said it was all fake.

There are some MAJOR problems with. This explanation.

She said she was at the hospital with her “brother” and that her parents didnt care about her and were “out” while she was in the hospital.


1. There’s NO way a hospital could treat her without her parents signing paperwork .. Meeting with DR’s coming up with a plan to keep her safe.

2. No details. How did she get to the hospital? What did the drs do? Did they pump her stomach ? She almost died but a few hours later she’s fine?

3. Hospitals do NOT release suicidal people in a few hours – you are placed on a psychiatric hold. They don’t want you to try it again. If you attempted one day you might attempt the next. They keep you until you get therapy, medication, help. Look at Amanda Bynes or Paris Jackson ..

4. Why would a hacker or co owner get on And pretend to be the mother? If they planned the whole fake suicide maybe … But just to tweet as he mom a few times ? Why ?

So make up your mind .. No one deserves hate. Obviously, she is very unhappy and lonely.

I just want people who are confused to see the whole story so they can decide for themselves.


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