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On August 15, Channel 4 in the UK aired a documentary on the One Direction Fandom called “Crazy about One Direction”. It made it seem like all 1D fans are crazy and obsessed. Some fans were mad and created a trending topic #thisisNOTus.

There was even stories that “LarryShippers” were being cyber bullied by other fans and committing suicide. The number went from 14 to 28 to 42.


These stories were very upsetting but there was NO proof that anyone actually killed themselves. There would be upset parents, busy hospitals, lots of friends and family would be outraged that a show caused these girls to kill themselves. There would be parents wanting to sue. There would be funerals being planned.

Well, a few days later a girl opened a Twitter account called @_niallersfood_


Check the Bio- her sister killed herself because of the Channel 4 movie..

She soon tweeted that Harry Styles followed her! Directioners were split . Some were happy for her, some were jealous and some were confused that Harry would follow a brand new account when others have been asking for years!

Someone asked her how she got the follow


Why would she delete the tweet? Did she really only tweet once?

Jealous and angry fans got her account suspended .. This person then opened back up accounts



I also tried to get to the bottom of this story and found these tweets



Niallers Food kept getting the account back and lots of Followers I noticed her bio changed


She was tweeting a LOT and had a goal of 2000 followers


She was tweeting about a crush asking if she should tell the guy and all kinds of casual things which was weird
Since her sister just died .. She didnt seem very upset but every so often would tweet something like this


Did you notice the Sisters name was “AnneBella” she just called her “Ann” if her sister’s name was spelled Anne .. Why wouldn’t she use that spelling??

This all seemed so strange. Did her sister really kill herself? Was she really new to Twitter? I started asking her questions and she answered me. I asked her when her sister’s service was and if her parents were going to sue Channel 4.


I said something like you know a lot about Twitter how long have you been on Twitter? and she said this


So, she had backup accounts RT’d DM’d Deleted tweets, posted pics .. She learned All this in one day ?

I asked if they lived in the UK because The documentary only aired in the UK on their channel 4.


And she added this


I always thought she was lying .. But now I had proof. The documentary NEVER aired in the US .. It may have been live streamed by fans or put on You Tube but it never aired in America on OUR Channel 4.

I checked back today and the account is suspended again.

There is NO way this is an honest account. If it was the sister she would be posting pictures of her sister who died. She’d want us all to know what a wonderful person she was. Her account would be like a tribute to her.

It’s up to you to believe what you want.
Leave a comment if you want!

This is also interesting ! She has a twitter friend she wants to help with the suspension he says he will but wants her to give the account to him


That’s sounds pretty strange to me ..

Let me know what you think


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