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I’ve been watching @officialcancer for over a year now. I’m interested in charities and especially ones who help cancer patients. A lot of my relatives died from this awful disease.

The account was run by a young French Woman. The bio claimed there was a woman named Julia who died of cancer a few years ago and that this account was in her memory to honor her. There wasn’t a picture or website just the Twitter Account.

Also, the name of the account is/was “Official” cancer .. Buy there isn’t anything official about it. It isn’t verified. It isn’t a registered charity.

Most of the tweets were inspirational And had pictures of cancer survivors. I noticed that sometimes she would post pics of bald kids and say “this deserves endless RT’s or RT to show support. When I see tweets like I think the account cares more about RTs than the people but I let if go.

After Miley cut off her hair she tweeted this


As you can see this was favorited and RTd a LOT! The thing is it isn’t true. Miley does a lot to support charities. She supports the Starkey foundation and dog rescue charities. Her hair was damaged, dyed and too short to donate.

I wondered if Official Cancer cares about facts and the truth or just RTs. I actually asked her and she replied saying she didn’t really know. She just saw a tweet.

Once, she RTd a picture of a sick girl saying every RT would get a dollar donated. Thus was a myth that had been exposed a long time ago.. It’s hash tag was #makeachange

I then noticed that most of her tweets were taken (copied and pasting from the Top Tweets). She actually didn’t speak very good English. So if the tweet was well written, she didn’t write it.

Well, last week her tweets were in my timeline a LOT!! Everyone was RTing her and supporting her attempt to get more followers.

She claimed for every new follower a rich American was donating a dollar to her “association”. Remember this is just a support account for cancer patients and people affected by cancer. It isn’t for a real charity, hospital, organization. There is no business address website nothing. She used the hashtag #makeachange and everyone wanted to support her even creating accounts and spamming celebs to get the word out.

Here’s how she explained the donations.


Remember she is a young lady in France running a cancer support Twitter Account.

Does this make sense to you?

They met? Did he fly to France or did she come to America?

Where is this money supposed to go? She isn’t actually a charity. If is was going to be donated to a real charity, you’d think she would say which one.

Why not donate the cost of the plane ticket and do this over email or the phone?

Why is he choosing a French twitter account! We have tons of awesome REAL charities right here in America?

Why sign a contract that expires on November .. Why not December 31? The end of the year?

Why not just donate to her if he really thought she was amazing?

The answer to all these questions is – it was ALL a scam!

This girl made it up to get attention. She started getting noticed by more and more famous people including a member of One Direction.

1D has millions of fans and they were all trying to help her get more followers and supporting the 1D fandom.

I’ve been saying this for about 4 days now and people argue and say of course it’s real. How can so many people be tricked? They just believe every word of what they read.

Sometime on August 19, Im not sure how but the truth came out and she deleted the account. I’m not sure if she will come back.

The One Direction fandom is pretty upset because it seems like this girl really just wanted 5/5 meaning all five guys to follow her account.

So many sweet, helpful people just thought this account was real and helping people with cancer. Most normal people can’t believe anyone would lie about something so serious as cancer. That’s what accounts like like count on. There are many accounts that fake suicide attempts or pretend to be a kid with a sickness – they just want to get followers and get noticed by fan bases or idols.

Please use this as a lesson. Don’t just believe what you read. Ask yourself does this make sense? Where’s the proof? If they really were “official” why weren’t they verified?

If they wanted to help people with cancer, they wouldn’t tweet lies and ask for RT’s for fake stories.

Real Charities are listed on

There are good honest people in the world but there are liars and scammers too!

Hope this helps explain this crazy account!

I found these random tweets from a long time ago proving she’s French and not very find of Miley ..




Comments on: "Official Cancer @OFFICIALCANCER was an account lying about helping charity with $1 for every follower scam" (2)

  1. I found out the truth about this account today, I told people how it was fake with proofs and I told them to spread the word so a lots of people knew she was fake. That’s why she deleted her account. I found the real twitter of the girl who did it. She’s a french directioner.

  2. Now it makes sense why she was crazy about “getting support from Harry Styles”. She’s a french directioner…

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