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Twitter is a great place where fans and celebrities can connect! It’s so amazing to think a fan who may never be in Hollywood or New York or be able to attend a concert or premiere can still get noticed by their favorite celebrity.

With so many fans trying to be noticed by a limited number of stars, ( Some Celebs have millions of followers) fans get desperate. They may spam the celeb or make up stuff to be noticed. Some are pretty innocent like saying its their birthday or they have a big test.

Sometimes people get so desperate they say someone in their family died or that they are suicidal or they or a family member has a disease. Sometimes they even use pictures from kids who really have the disease to make it look legit.

A few years ago there were some weird accounts claiming to have cystic Fibrosis in order to get noticed by Davis Cleveland. The fake account was @MasonCulp and it was run by @mprest21 .. There’s lots of proof. She even admitted it and it’s all in another blog.

Well she’s back at it again. The fake account this time is @savekevinslife – it’s supposed to be an 8 yr old boy with cystic fibrosis. There have have been other accounts trying to get noticed and followed by celebs using the pictures of the same boy. The old account was called A cure for Kevin.

So this 8 yr old has strange taste in TV shows.. He isn’t a fan of Phineas and Ferb or Spider-Man like other 8 yr old boys .. No he likes the new ABCFamily Show called Vineyard .. (Sarcasm)

Somehow this 8 yr old opened a Twitter and found the whole cast and, yes Davis Cleveland all on the first day.

He also figured out how to post screen caps. He is asking the cast to follow him and support him. He posts screen caps when they notice him.

Does this sound right? Even the name @savekevinslife is strange — can Twitter save a life ? “He” is just trying to get celebs to feel bad and want to help him.

Here is the pic he first used


It seemed to me that It could be Margaret since she’s done this before and when I checked her account I wasn’t surprised with who she’s really into right now!! She’s totally into the cast of the Vineyard.


In fact the teenage girl and 8 yr old even have the. Same fan name in their bio


Kevin and Margaret tweet the exact same people


Margaret and “Kevin” screen cap follows and mention and post them with a thank you message.


This is also interesting .. The Vineyard cast Skyped with fans while their show was on 2 days ago. Margaret was very into Skyping .. Took screen caps tried to get noticed by each person ..

She was bummed she didn’t get noticed..


The “Kevin” account was opened just after the Skype sessions where she want noticed


I let her know I was onto her faking and posing as “Kevin” .. She wasn’t too happy about it


She argued back and forth cussing and saying I was wrong .. Then erased it all.,

Up to you guys to decide .. I don’t like seeing our friends being lied to. We have friends who really have CF .. They don’t USE their illness to get attention .. They live their lives and if people want to support them and follow them they do.

A lot of wonderful sweet people don’t like drama and “negativity” on their timeline so they don’t say anything or want to let @mprest21 know that they realize she is @savekevinslife .. I don’t like bring negative or causing drama either but I think letting her get away with it and lie just to get attention is worse!

She needs to stop and be patient. She will get noticed by the cast eventually if she is just supportive and patient!

One more thing – the whole time Margaret was saying the Kevin Account wasn’t her .. She had nothing to do with it .. But “Kevin’s” profile pic changed at the exact time we were tweeting each other



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