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As we know Victoria and David’s oldest son is Brooklyn. He’s 14 has two little brothers and a little sister.

The real Brooklyn has met Justin Bieber, rubbed elbows with some of the most famous people in the world. The family was in the US while David played soccer here. Then returned to England where the family is from. Brooklyn has gone to the best private schools in both countries and is a very smart guy!

Well this Twitter account @brookebecks claims to be him. The account has been around for over a year. He has 27,000 followers. I actually noticed it last year .. Tweeted him a few tweets asking why wouldn’t he post a picture holding a piece a paper with his Twitter name on it and why didn’t his mom Victoria follow him.

He actually said it was because “if she did I would have too many followers”

The account has a lot of red flags.

None of these prove it’s fake 100% but it should make you wonder ..

1. Whoever is running this account has terrible English skills. They get their verb tenses messed up, say ” told me a poser” instead of “called me a poser”

Here’s some examples


Remember Brooklyn went to private school and would be going into 9th or 10 grade.

2. He never posts original pictures. All the pictures he posts are on other sources .. Mostly a few IG accounts


3. Not many verified followers .. No famous people or media tagging him. The real Brooklyn would be meeting actors, athletes, all kinds of famous people ..
He also interacts with media
You would think one person might tag him.

4. When people ask if he’s real, instead if posting a picture with a paper for proof he either ignores, argues, or posts an old picture that’s on another site.


This is what he posted today after I asked him to post a picture with a paper with his twitter name on it.


This is a classic poser thing to say .. “Why should I prove myself? My REAL fans know I’m real. If that were true then why do celebs always want to be verified. That’s not what a real celeb says ..

5. Immature responses to just asking for proof! Would a 14 world famous kid say this on a public website?


Also can you count the mistakes in this? Whoever this is makes Brooklyn look ignorant and immature.

There have been people doubting this account for a long time .. There’s even a suspicion that a German lady named Nina Koch is running the account


Interesting how they both spell definitely but also they both promote the same twitter accounts for other posers’d have to go way back but it’s one thing that made me wonder about the account before . He always said follow my friend, brother, cousin, this actor” and those accounts never seemed real.

6. No original information .. Real celebs .. Even real regular people talk about something they are going to do somewhere they are going to go.. A trip .. And they refer to it in the Future.. A poser can’t do this .. They are stuck with posting things after they happen.. Go as far back as you want .. Never a mention of anything in the future.

So these are the red flags – people who have been fooled by him/her and really think they are talking to the real Brooklyn are going to be mad. They are going to say .. It’s Twitter he can spell wrong if he wants to . Maybe it’s a typo maybe he wants his privacy ..

All I’m saying is if he was real he could have proved it in 2 minutes .. Put his twitter name on a piece of paper and take a selfie .. The only reason NOT to do that is obvious ..

Check out this pic on an Instagram account


The real Brooklyn is posting somewhere .. But @brookebecks is most likely not him ..

Here’s a pic he posted of an airplane saying he was going to LA


The funny thing is that airline doesn’t even fly to Los Angeles.


Comments on: "The Suspicious Account of “Brooklyn Beckham” @brookbecks" (4)

  1. Hahahha I’m with you.


  3. Martine Iroh said:

    Yepp…me too ,im with you! Thanks for all the informations.. And whoever that poser is I wish him a bad luck.

  4. i was one of the first people to know brookbecks was fake and i fought with alot of stupid people who refused to believe me ,

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