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Aww.. Sweet Ashley Benson made a mistake and is getting in a lot of trouble for it..

We all know Amanda Bynes has been behaving oddly for quite sometime.

She’s been posting offensive tweets calling everyone from Drake to Obama to the little Royal Baby.

She is also obsessed with plastic surgery and suing anyone who says anything bad about her or posts pics she doesn’t like.

She has had several run ins with the law after allegedly throwing a bong out of her window, acting abusive towards people, using illegal substances and smoking in places smoking isn’t allowed.

Well she finally did something so unsafe (setting fire to her parents’ neighbor’s driveway) that she was hospitalized against her will. This is known as a 5150 hold. It means she’s a threat to herself or others. This doesn’t happen often because no one wants to violate people’s civil rights. The incident was so bizarre, that authorities were really afraid that she was dangerous. After the fire, she ran into a nearby business to rinse gasoline off of her dog!

Amanda has been acting oddly for months and some wondered if it was a publicity stunt. Many of her friends including Drake Bell defending her saying when they were together she was fine and normal. The general thinking until the driveway incident was just that she was eccentric and an attention seeker.

So on Wednesday July 25 Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson posted a picture posing as Amanda Bynes. She said something like “My Amanda Bynes look.”


Ashley is a very busy person. She’s been filming PLL and working on other projects. Many celebs stay away from social media. It distracts them and a lot of it is negative so Ashley had NO idea that Amanda is actually suffering from a mental illness ..

She quickly deleted the post and apologized!


There is NO way if she knew the situation she would have posted her pic with the caption she chose.

I hope everyone realizes this was a case of bad timing. No one should send her hate over this. She seems truly sorry and feels bad enough about this.


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