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Hey friends as you may know my mom and I are planning a really fun event to raise money for my friend with cystic fibrosis.

We rented a bowling alley in Montrose, CA from 6-10 on July 29, 2013.

Here’s my friend Miss Caley


Here’s the cool bowling alley:


We are having two “sessions”
6-8 and 8-10 because the place is small and only 100 can be there at a time. 50 are just our families, celebs and their family And people working the event.

So far we have a lot of fun young celebs and the 6-8 session is almost sold out


Here’s all the awesome celebs who have confirmed that they will be there.

The event is 8 days away and we haven’t sold many tickets for the 8-10 spot!

Our new idea is to invite awesome YouTube people and have older teens buy tickets to meet and bowl with them for the 8-10 session!

We would love to invite @jccaylen @KianLawley @SamPottorff @TrevorMoran Sarahmonline Bethany Mota Rebecca Black, Dave Days, Shane Dawson Connor, Ricky, Jennxpenn, Andrea russett , Alexa losey, Eric Unger and the Ochoa Boyz

Who ever can help get the message to them so they know about the event and come .. Will get tons of shout outs and we will love you forever! The YouTubers can come for free.
Hopefully, their fans will buy tickets for $30 and the event will sell out! We will have bowling, pizza, and a DJ

Any questions?? Just leave a comment!

I’m 10 and my mom is old so we need you help ok??

We really want the event to sell out and be able to raise a lot of money for Caley and her family!!


Follow me on Twitter @alexirob and tweet the youtubers with the hash tag #strikeoutCF so we can see all your hard work ok??

Alexi and Caley
click here to buy tickets and learn more


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