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Ariana Grande and her fans were all excited about her Seventeen Magazine Cover today July 8, 2013.

Signings are NOT meet and greets. The people from the magazine and store want as many fans to get their magazine signed as possible. The star can’t stop and talk to fans and pose for pictures. If you get more than 5 seconds with the celeb you are lucky. Some fans think they are going to get a few selfies, a hug, and tell her which of their Twitter friends want a follow. This doesn’t happen. Security is pretty strict and tell you to put your phones away.

So Barnes and Noble tries hard and organizes their signings. First there are VIPS .. Maybe contest winners, people in wheelchairs, the stars guests.
Then the wristbands have letters on them in the order the customer bought the magazine. The first customers who bought them at 9 am got “A” and after every 100 (i think) the letter changes. The wristbands say right on them you aren’t guaranteed “entry to the event”


So Ariana arrived and posed for pics for The media and invited press.


She signed autographs for about 2 hrs the event was scheduled to go from 7-9.

The store employees said a few times that letters “L” and after probably weren’t going to meet her because it was getting late.

According to this pic she was still meeting fans very close to 9pm


Well, apparently as it became clear Ariana was going to leave with tons of fans still in line, the fans started to get pushy, yelling and charging towards her. Most just wanted to meet her.

Then one fan called her a b*tch and other fans heard it. According to tweets Ariana got to her car and was crying. It’s hard to tell the actual timeline of events. Some people are saying she was crying because the girl called her a bad name. The girl said that Ariana was already in her car crying when she said it.
The girl posted this pic on her Twitter


Arianators in Twitter found her account pretty quickly and the account got suspended!

According ti some fans, Barnes and Noble will be refunding the price of the magazine for fans tomorrow. But the magazine only cost like $5 so it isn’t really worth the cost of gas and parking to go back.

Ariana stayed positive about the night!


Her fan base which is 7.3 million strong quickly got a trending topic for her which she noticed.


I feel bad for fans who didn’t meet her.

My advice for these meetings is

1. ALWAYS go early. The first fans showed up at 3 am. Ariana met them and took a pic with them.

2. Remember signings are JUST signings. The only thing they are offering is an autograph not time with a celeb and not pictures.

Hope everyone who didnt meet her today meets her soon.

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