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So there was someone using old pics if a girl who had cancer to create a fake account and get RTs and followers on Twitter. The account was posting on July 5th. It fooled a lot of people with a clever trick.


Over 220,000 people RTd the tweet thinking they were helping a sick girl have Katy Perry at her chemo treatment.

It was all a scam using lies and old pics


The account got 8,000 followers in about 3 days.

Some people including saw the scam and tried to warn others.. The people sent me hate for it


The mom confirmed on her old blog that the person running the account was NOT her father and I’m happy to say Meredith is fine and cancer free


Well, early today the old @lifeasmerdith account was renamed as @tweexoproject and a new @lifeasmeredith account was opened.

The TweexoProject account carried over its 8,000 new followers.

Sad to say but this scam had Red Flags the whole way through.. 6 yr olds with cancer and their families really don’t care about celebrities and RTs on Twitter.. They want their child to be healthy and they want the support of family and friends.

So happy to know that the real girl is FINE!!



He changed his name again.


He’s on the run ..


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