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Update: the account changed names about 11am on July 8. The account had gained 8,000 followers. The person can rename the account whatever he wants and has 8,000 followers who have no idea what happened.


On July 5, 2013 someone changed their old “Jesus” account into a @lifeasmeredith account. Check the replies – the accounts old name was @retweet_Jesus


They posted a picture of an adorable smiling bald girl holding a piece of paper! This account has gotten 1000’s of followers, RTs mentions of support!


I thought it was word that the pic was cropped And the picture looked familiar so I checked it out.


Why use a pic from over a year ago?

Any way the story was that the girls cancer had returned and the little girl asked Katy Perry to go to chemo with her and Katy said yes –

Couple of problems or red flags:

The family of the real girl has a few blogs and a FaceBook page .. After checking in these, there were no updates. Why start over with Twtter and not update your blogs / Facebook and share with your long time friends and supporters.

What 6 yr old knows what Twitter and RTs are and why pic 250,000 RTs ?

Katy’s last tweet was July 4. “Dad” days she deleted the tweet.


Some of Her fans get notifications when Katy Tweets. No one could remember any tweets like this.

Katy is amazing and i love her but check her timeline. She doesn’t reply to fans.

There are websites that will let you create a fake tweet –

This makes Katy look really bad. A check of @lifeasmeredith mentions shows many fans and non fans are very upset that Katy would make a kid get A high number of RTs in order to support her.

Dad posted a pic of Meredith playing. The picture was from October 2011. Why would he do that?

The pic of Meredith playing is from the moms real blog.


They haven’t posted to it since Meredith’s Good Bye Cancer party!

We left a message there and mom replied Proving this account is totally fake!


If her cancer had come back “dad” could have simply had her hold a new piece of paper explaining that.


People are just naturally trusting and are suckers for cute, bald kids. Even celebs like the Janoskians and Tamara Mowry were getting tricked.

All day as I tried expose this account people were Angry with me – calling me names telling me I was an idiot, a fool, to get a life.

Most people can’t understand WHY someone would lie about this.

The answer is attention. For a few days they are/ were “Twitter famous”. I think they enjoyed seeing how many people would fall for the hoax. Sadly, many did.

The family is trying to get the account shut down. Hope they will soon!


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