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Update: after lots of tweets from angry people not believing him, “Matt” tweeted on July 8 that he was “cancer free”. The whole account has been nothing but lies all along who knows what the person running the account is planning to do now.

There is an account on Twitter that has 6,000 followers the person running it is pretending to be a young boy with cancer. The account gets lots of attention, RT’s and favorites.

Here is how the person running it is able to trick 1000’s of people.

“He” (we have no idea who is actually behind the account) was using pictures of real little boys who had cancer and were bald.


This was the picture “he” was using for a while. The real boy live in Australia.
When he was “caught” this was his reply


He claimed that his family met this boy but the real child’s family has never met anyone from this fakers family and doesn’t like knowing that their picture was used .. Misused in this way
click to see what the real boys family says about this account

He then changed his pic to this boy:


Well, the problem with using this pic is, this young man passed away at the age of 13.



He has now changed his pic to a yellow ribbon.

The other thing this account does is only follow verified accounts. All the people he follows are public figures like celebrities and sports figures and media sites!



So what this person does is log on to twitter a few times a day, check which verified accounts are tweeting and then he spams them with the same message.


He claims he “wants to share his story” the way to do that would be a website or blog .. He has neither.

This “share his story” is a trick to get celebs, sports people to follow him.

He asks them to follow him so he can DM his story, people can only DM each other if they follow each other.

I have actually tweeted with people he’s tricked and found out he never DMs people “his story” or emails them if they give him they email.

All he cares about is the attention and followers.

I hope this explains this crazy account! My aunt died of cancer last year and I have a friend who is VERY sick.



This is why I have NO patience or tolerance for this account and accounts like it. There have been several ..

This account is the most successful and hardest to take down which is my goal!!

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob I expose fakes and posers on Twitter and help people meet celebs .. With tips and an event website!



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