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Fake suicides are happening all the the Time on Twitter Instagram and even Facebook. On June 25 there were reports of 4 suicides/ deaths and all in the “Directioner” Fan base.

The first one was #RIPEmily
She was an admin on a fan Facebook page


This seems a little dramatic. If this was true, this post alone would result in her father being under investigation and possibly arrested and prosecuted.


As you can tell even the other admins on the site don’t know if it’s true I not. They say if we don’t see her for a few months then it might be true.

People on fan Facebook sites are pretty anonymous. Some people said they were her “friend” or their friend her her neighbor. No one had anymore information about her. One post on a fan FaceBook page isn’t “proof” it’s real. I can’t say this one is fake for sure but it looks like it. Also, over dosing on pills isn’t a sure way to die. Depending on what pills she took, she could have just gotten very sick or if her family found her they would call an ambulance and they would pump her stomach. So why would people believe she was dead from this one post?

Then a few hours later on another Facebook fan page another Girl “killed herself” too.




So at first they were sure she was dead .. They talked to her sister .. Her sister would know. If a person dies at home the ambulance come, police come, and the coroner takes the body.

But . Wait . She’s alive ? And 4 hours later she went from seconds away from death to posting on Facebook.

There are a few things wrong with this .. If she was near death from cutting herself .. One of the posts said she used a knife she would be weak and getting transfusions . She would NOT feel like or able to jump on FaceBook.
If she wanted to kill herself a few hours before why would she care about what was trending on Twitter ?

Also, if she has tried to kill herself she would be on suicide watch .. No electronics ., no posting ..
Paris Jackson is still hospitalized after her attempt and she’s not on any social network sites.


There was also a random RIPAna. But there were no tweets about her separately she was just one of the “4 deaths” that day.

Then oddly people started saying that a girl named Andrea died the same day


Then she became the 4th Directioner to die on that day but checking her Instagram and Googling her you can see she died in February.


So again more examples of the need to be careful when you just press the RT or Like button .. Real Suicides are more rare than these fake ones thankfully. Not too many people who kill themselves do it publicly .. They are depressed and don’t care what anyone thinks anymore .. They may even delete their accounts ..
It’s the people faking suicide that say “I’m going to kill myself , tell me why I shouldn’t?” Or “unless I get 100 RTs I’m going to kill myself.” Then they RT people who say nice things.

It is sad that people usually teen girls get so down on themselves and want to feel loved and validated but this isn’t the right way to do it.

Ok just wanted to explain what was going on with all that .. Hope it helps people.


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