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Meet my friend Miss Caley. She has cystic fibrosis and soon will be hospitalized so she can be on a heavy duty breathing machine. Her friends and family are trying to raise money for her so she can get some of the things she needs to make her life more comfortable and pleasant.

We would like people to donate on her website.
click here for Miss Caley’s website

“From her site, written by her mom:
Until July 1st, Davis Cleveland ( from Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, is generously matching all donations. Please take this time to hit that “Donate” button! Any amount helps. Update on Caley’s condition coming soon. We have decided to keep some information private for the time being. As you can imagine as parents it becomes dificult to face Caley knowing the rough road that awaits her. We’ve decided to hold off letting others in so that the flood of emotions are kept at bay. ”

We will also be sending “thank you gifts” from my personal collection of Disney/ Celebrity items (some are autographed) to people who donate a minimum of $10. (Before Davis matching donation) check the pics at the end of the blog for thank you gifts. Tweet me at @alexirob if you would like a gift.

We are also asking for donations from movie studios, restaurants and businesses to add to the thank you gifts we are offering and for raffle baskets for an upcoming charity event.

We are planning a celebrity charity bowling night on July 29, 2013 from 6-9 in LA. The event will be 50’s Inspired to match the bowling alley. Celebs and guests will come as either bikers, greasers, 50’s girls or surfers!! We will be selling tickets to meet and bowl with the stars. We again would appreciate donations of raffle prizes, drinks and snacks! It would be best if companies donating are in LA so we can pick them up locally. The event will be at an 8 lane bowling alley closed for our private event. We are planning on about 20 celebrities and 50 fans (100 people total if each celeb has a guest).

In Summary, we are seeking:

1. Money
Please make donations to Caley’s Website.

2. Movie/ TV show promotional items-
It would be great to have posters, bags, T shirts, etc to use as thank you gifts and raffle prizes.

3. Raffle prizes –
We are hoping for donations such as gift certificates for bowling, amusement parks, dance studios, salons, etc.

Thank you to these generous places:
Dance Millennium (10 free dance classes)
Pinz Bowling in Studio City ($50 gift card)

4. Donations of food and drinks-
We would love donations of yummy snacks chips, candy, popcorn, cupcakes and juices, water, lemonade. Enough for 150 guests.

5. Celebrities –
We would love to have recognizable celebrities who can attend our celebrity bowling night. The date is July 29, 2013 from 6-9. Celebrities are asked to mix and mingle with about 50 fans and of course bowl. There won’t be a red carpet or press line. The event will be informal and fun for everyone!

At the time this post was written the following celebs intend to attend. However, they may need to cancel based on their shooting schedules.

1. Aubrey Miller (Austin and Ally)
2. McKenna Grace (Crash and Berstein)
3. Tucker Albrizzi (Good Luck Charlie and Big Time Rush)
4. Trevor Jackson (Let it Shine and Austin and Ally singer – Like We Grown)
5. Gracie Whitton (Scary Movie 5)
6, Cole Sand (Austin and Ally)
7. Kat McNamara (Girl vs Monster, Jessie, Kickin It, Tom Sawyer, The Contest Movie)
8. Kenton Duty (Shake it Up, The Contest Movie, LOST)
9. Allisyn A Arm (Sonny with a Chance, So Random)
Ella Anderson (ANTFarm)

6. The cost of the venue.
The bowling alley is charging us a reduced rate of $300 to close for us so our event can be private. It would be wonderful if a generous person could sponsor the cost of the alley so 100% of the ticket and raffle money can go straight to Caley!


7. VIP Gifts for our 20 celebrities.

Thank you to Plaid Accents who is donating a pair of sunglasses for each celebrity attending our event!

If you can help please direct message us on Twitter @alexirob or leave a comment below!

Here’s Caley’s Story!
Caley is 11 years old who lives with a rare and terminal lung disease called cystic fibrosis (commonly referred to as cf). As parents we strive to give her the best “quality of life” we possibly can but the fact is, she is deprived of hours a day and several weeks every year of being a regular child. When Caley was just 4 weeks old and admitted into the hospital for pneumonia, the doctors then discovered she had cf after performing a sweat chloride test. Since then Caley has had to sit for 3-4 breathing treatment session every day where she inhales medicated vapors through nebulizers followed by chest percussion therapy (each sitting last 45-60 minutes depending on meds). She also takes more than 40 pills a day to help control some of the complications of cystic fibrosis; pills that help her digest and break down food, control her reflux, helps with vitamin levels, controls her grass mold allergy, iron, controlling the flow of her intestines, and antibiotics that help with lung function. Through Caley’s gastrostomy tube (feeding tube) she receives more meds that help thin out mucus build up, bacterial prevention and when her weight is down 8 hour nightly feeds. What more can she deal with???…she also has a mediport where she receives IV antibiotic therapy as ordered by her doctor and has monthly flushes – that’s at least once a month being stuck with a needle in her tiny chest. Did I mention she also has cf related diabetes, yes her daily regiment also consists of painful finger pricks & a daily insulin shot. Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford has become a second home for our family. As Caley gets older her cf progresses and her admissions at LPCH become more frequent. A lung transplant was inevitable for Caley until we were recently told that she is not a candidate at this time because she wouldn’t survive the surgery. Her lung function stands at 43% and when it drops below 40 she is in the danger of fighting for her life & without a transplant we stand to lose our little girl that we so desperately & tirelessly have tried to make her life as normal as possible.
Yes, all of this placed on a little girls’ shoulders (keep in mind this is a small part of Caley’s life we are sharing, she endures far more but then you would be reading an entire book). How does Caley handle it all…….with a SMILE!!!! Caley is the most inspirational person I’ve met and by far she is my hero. Caley once said, “God gave me cf because he knew I could handle it.” There is no truer statement then that! I live my life to see Caley’s gorgeous face light up with that everlasting smile.


These are sample thank you gifts for donations made directly to Caley’s website!


Teen Beach Movie Posters


Items signed by Zendaya

Confirmed* celebs



The event will take place at a bowling alley that has authentic 50’s equipment which makes our bikers, surfers, poodle skirt, theme perfect!!


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