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Three of our favorite actors are teaming up for a thought provoking film!

Eric Allen Kramer and Kevin Chamberlin are Disney Channel stars. Eric is the dad on Good Luck Charlie and Kevin plays Bertrum on Jessie! Omar is best known for his role on CSI:Miami

Here’s info from the Kickstarter page:

Meat and Potatoes is about Charlie (Kevin Chamberlin), a chef in a small town, who convinces a sheriff (Eric Allan Kramer) to allow him cook the last meal for a condemned death row inmate, Lawrence (Omar Benson Miller). But when Charlie meets Lawrence, his ideas about justice are called into question. Charlie finds that giving the pleasure of one’s last meal on earth is much more complicated than it seems.


KEVIN CHAMBERLIN has graciously accepted the lead role of Charlie, the chef who cooks the prisoner’s last meal. You’ll know him from his various Broadway roles which earned him three Tony Award nominations as well as his roles in Die Hard With A Vengeance and on the Disney Channel show “Jessie.”

OMAR BENSON MILLER has accepted the role of Lawrence, a prisoner on death row. You’re probably most familiar with Omar’s work in The Miracle at St. Anna, 8 Mile, and on “CSI: Miami.” Omar’s kind eyes and innocent smile will bring life to Lawrence. We are so lucky to have him on board.

ERIC ALLAN KRAMER will be playing the role of Bill, the sheriff. You’ll know him from his role as Little John Robin Hood Men in Tights and currently on the Disney Channel show “Good Luck Charlie.” He’s going to bring the sheriff’s role to life.

here’s the Kickstarter web page


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