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This story was so crazy! Someone on My Twitter @alexirob asked of I thought a story Mackenzie Ziegler posted on her Instagram was real!

Well I check the pic and hear it is:


This girl is saying that she only has 2-3 days to live because of her “bone cancer”
There are SO many things wrong with this!

1. How can you be posting on IG Tuesday night and Drs say you’ll be dead in 48 hours? When people die of cancer their body their organs start shutting down .. Kidneys, liver, lungs, heart .. A person may slip into a coma. They would be on pain medication. They’d be hooked up to machines ..

2. Her user name was A Girl Losing To Cancer. People who have cancer keep fighting to the end. They don’t usually give themselves a name like this.

Well, I checked her posts and pictures. Her account was only 1 wk old and she was sharing the account with someone.
She was saying she would give the account away when she reached 1000.

On One picture the “friend” gave an update on Rachel and talked about her:

So a girl DYING of cancer is also a “cutter”? And they took her out of the regular hospital to put in her in a “mental institute” . They aren’t even called that. And if she wax that sick, she would have had to stay at the hospital for her cancer treatments.
Also if your friend was in this bad condition would you care about followers .. ??

Speaking of that here’s how she describes “chemo”


She said people with bone cancer live 1-9 months .. No they don’t many get get better, go in remission And survive. It is not a death sentence facts about how live people with bone cancer can live

Also, chemo doesn’t kill “bacteria” in cancer it kills the fast growing cancer cells .. If you had cancer, you would know this.

There were more clues she was faking. She said she didn’t have a family just her dr — she said her doctor posted on her Instagram for her when she couldn’t. This makes no sense.
She said her parents died when she was a baby. Well, who has raised her? Who paid for her iPad? She either has a foster family or lived in a group home .. department of child and family services would have placed her somewhere. Or when her parents died, a family member would have taken her in. Also one if her pics said “she’s going to go home” .. From the mental institute but she said she’s been in the hospital ever since she had the account!


Well, I kept asking her to post a picture of her hospital room. People were saying I was being mean and who would fake having cancer? How would I like if if I had cancer and people thought I was lying?

After Mackenzie Noticed her and posted her pic on her account, “Rachel” got about 4,000 new followers .. And guess what?? It’s a miracle! She posted MRI scans that showed the cancer was getting better!!
Check out the picture she posted


Well Hospitals ALWAYS tag your stuff with your LAST name first .. Also it wouldn’t be such a clear tag right in the middle of the MRI .. Different Instagram people were helping now and we found it on the Internet .. The MRI is from a lady who had breast cancer


She finally was busted .. More and more people were believing me that she was lying this whole time!

So she changed her name to “a girl beating cancer”

Then finally she kinda deleted
And kinda admitted she lied


I say “kinda” because she was saying she wasn’t Rachel but she was the girl Rachel gave the account to- she even said she was going to tell Mackenzie that Rachel lied .. She opened another account with that famous picture



Then that account was being deleted too.

Watch out for @xozieglerperfection
And @xodmkissesxo
They delete and come back ..

The Lesson is people DO LIE ABOUT CANCER!!!

They will do anything for attention. Read the whole timeline ..

Look for clues

1. The disease is ALL they talk about

2. Getting followers / noticed by a celeb is Super important to them – if you were dying .. Would that really matter?

3. No details or wrong details .. If its real they would use the right terms, know what their disease was and the treatment

4 I think multiple people posting from one account is a clue .. If you were sick or hospitalized it wouldn’t be SO important that you’d have to someone take over your account ..

5. Stories not matching up. If you look at the whole time line over time fakers/ liars mess up. It’s actually harder to lie than tell the truth.

6. The accounts are new less than a month old.

7 The person is trying different ways to get followers and getting frustrated.

8. As you are busting them, their story changes. When people said “how can you post if you’re in pain” she changed her story to her dr posted for her on bad days! They think they are smart enough to argue with you and win.

Hope this helps people not get tricked by fakers ..
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Comments on: "Teen fakes Cancer on Instagram to get Mackenzie Ziegler’s Attention" (2)

  1. Thx for clearing it up

  2. I love you Mackenzie !!!!💕💕💕💕💕👯👯👯

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