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Photo Credit Skai Jackson

Sky High in Woodland Hills was an exciting place to be on June 8, 2013.

The Shoe Crew hosted a special event where fans could meet stars and enjoy performances from young new bands.

The Shoe Crew, founded by Kayla Tinuchi, collects new shoes that are donated to underserved youth and their families, those who are in need of disaster relief, or those who need assistance due to financial hardships.

Joey King, Sierra McCormic, Kayla Maisonet, Skai Jackson and Jaden Martin posed for pics and signed autographs.

Joey King is the voice of The China Girl and plays Channing Tatum’s daughter in the new movie White House Down.

Skai Jackson plays Zuri Ross in Disney Channel’s Jessie. She recently filmed the Birmingham’s go to Alabama.

Kayla Maisonet plays Avery’s best friend on Disney Channel’s Dog with a Blog.

Sierra McCormic plays Olive on Disney Channel’s ANTFarm.

Jaden Martin plays the 9 yr old Jaden Smith in the new Movie After Earth!

The stars seemed to have a lot of fun meeting fans and taking breaks to go jump on Sky High’s trampolines!!

The following bands:

March 4th
7 Stones
Kayley Stallings and The Influence
Shadow Play
Fools and Sages
This Boy That Girl
Matt Ryan King
Erika Tascon
Laci Kay
Bad Jack

Entertained the crowd throughout the event!


Stars signed autographs for fans who donated shoes or money for the Shoe Crew to buy shoes.




The stars signed pictures for fans.


The Bands were so fun!


Lots of shoes were collected for kids who’s families are experiencing financial hardships!

learn more about the Shoe Crew here

check out Sky High Locations here


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