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Update I wrote this and within 5 minutes someone tagged her in a tweet- she immediately got defensive and started explaining everything and changed her name and made her tweets private .. She out a new twitlonger in her bio explaining things saying all the things I said made it look like she was lying.. Read it below if you are interested.

This is a sad one guys. A girl REALLY wants to be noticed by Demi. She says she’s from Holland and she’s been bullied since she was 7. She says she cuts and doesn’t eat. This all may be true. Who knows?

I don’t want to expose her and say her twitter name. She’ll probably freak out and fake a suicide and I’ll look like a huge bully. I DO feel bad for her. She seems really desperate.

If it is true that’s very sad and she needs help from professionals and her school should step in and stop the bullying.

But .. She recently posted a twitlonger that says she had cancer at 12 and that the cancer “went away”. She says she has a “type of diabetes that can’t be cured” and her “kidneys stopped working”

She said a lot of other stuff like the Drs had given up on her and then they played a Demi song for her and she came back around.

She says the Drs have given her one year to live. She even changed her name to “50 weeks to live”

She’s obsessed with getting a reply from Demi on Twitter. Her entire timeline is about getting lovatics to spam Demi with the Twitlonger.
She’s saying “Demi will never notice her”
She’s RTing accounts that are trying to get Demi’s attention.

So why do I think she not telling the truth?

Like I said, who knows about the bullying and cutting and eating problems? She posted pics of her wrist with light scars on them.

But the other things just don’t add up.

1. cancer- If someone has cancer and it goes away they usually say what kind of cancer leukemia- carcinoma- and use the term “remission” not “went away”
People who are faking usually use vague terms. It’s a twitlonger .. It’s not like she didn’t have room.

2. Diabetes- she says she got a “type of diabetes that can’t be cured”
NO type of diabetes can be cured- you either have type 1 or type 2 or a rare form and you “treat” it. You check your blood sugar-eat carefully – manage your carbs- inject insulin –
Again, no details in her twitlonger or daily tweets. She actually says she doesn’t eat like she’ll say the “first thing I’m earring today and post a pic of a sandwich. If you have diabetes, this couldn’t happen. You have to eat carefully every few hours ..

3. Kidneys- she says her kidneys stopped working. Kidneys filter your blood and she’s need to be on dialysis everyday for hours. She’d also be a candidate for a transplant.
Again no details in her twitlonger or daily tweets

4. “A year to live”

NO doctor can say what month,week, day, time a person will die. Even if she had a year to live the drs would say “6 months to a year” or “between 1 of 2 yrs”. They would also tell her parents and her parents would decide to tell her or not.
The fact that she’s saying she will die in 50 weeks is ridiculous.
Also Diabetes and non working kidneys wouldn’t kill her. There are thousands of adults with these conditions living for years.

5. Obsession- She only tweets about Demi And getting noticed. If she were really dying and writing treatment for Diabetes and her kidneys, she would mention like – “blood sugars low” or “gotta see the dr today” or have more things on her “bucket list”. Maybe talk about her family…

Ok that’s it! Sorry, this girl needs help but she’s lying about these problems to get lovatics to get Demi to notice her.

Sorry if you were one Getting fooled.

I’m not saying confront her of attack her .. I just want people to know.

Ok so here’s her new Twitlonger:

“hey guys, apperently someone is spreading im fake, and i need to explain some things apperently.

the cacer i had was cancer in my liver.
i didnt have it for long but i had it…
and there are more types of diabetes then just 1 and 2. i have modi5, and thats a type that only i have in my country. i get insulin and live healthy but its hard, because its not really working like type 1 or 2 but its not a real problem to live with.

my kidneys didnt stop working, the are getting worse by time, in like half a year i need dialyses for it, but right now they are good enough working to live a pretty normal life. a transplant cant happen to me because im to week to survive surgery right now.

the doctors can tell you you got a year left. they can, trust me, and they didnt say exactly a year, but they said that a year was like the maximum.. i dont know how to explain. and the doctors told me AND my parents, not first my parent so they could decide whether i had to know or not.. they just told me when my parents were with me in hospital.

and im not only tweeting about demi, i tweet about other things but i just dont want to talk about going to the hospital, is that so bad?
and if demi doesnt notice im okay with that because i know there are lovatics who tried to help me and i will die with a smile because of that, its not an obsession, it just the reason why i started this account…


lovatics and other people, if you dont believe me, just leave me, hate me, or whatever, i know im true, and i hate it that people ere trying to break me down by saying im fake”

My Response:

It’s basically like she just fixed all the mistakes in her first twit longer by using my blog ..

She says she had cancer of her liver. If she wanted to show us she had it, she would say whether she had radiation/ chemo, how many rounds, some details ..

I checked into The kind of diabetes she says she has – she calls it Modi5
It’s really called MODY ( maturity onset of diabetes of the young) 5 .. Pretty sure if it was killing her she’d know how to spell it ..

How is it she’s living a normal life but she’s too weak for a kidney transplant? How is she too weak for surgery but she’s going to school and living a normal life? How if her kidneys are doing now they won’t be in 6 months?

She says she tweets about other things but I’ve seen her timeline – it’s 100% Demi and dying ..

Now she’s saying the Drs. told her and her parents at the same time. And they told her she won’t live longer than a year. Drs wouldn’t do this .. They’d tell the parents first .. It’s the parent’s decision to tell their child or not and they wouldn’t say a year maximum! They aren’t God they don’t know!! They wouldn’t want a teen just giving up. They would say “fight it! lets look at all our options treatments. There’s always new medicines and treatments.”

Diabetes is not terminal — heart disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis are going to make someone live a shorter life but weak kidneys and MODY 5 aren’t going to kill a teen ager in a year.

Again, read it all think about it .. What sounds more likely?

All this stuff (Bullying, cutting, eating disorder, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure) happened to one girl?

Or she really wants Demi to notice her and added some stuff to her story to get people to help her?


Comments on: "The Sad story of another faker on Twitter" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Maybe she just doesn’t wanna be specific. But it’s clear she’s lying when you look at her twitter cause I know who it is

  2. This girl clearly has an obsession of getting noticed. There’s nothing wrong with her. People are sick and disgusting faking things like that. Like no.

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