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Many Fans of Twitter try desperately to be noticed by their idol.
They spam them, they open support accounts for them they even “fake hate” them in hopes if just getting noticed!
Some fan even get desperate and go so far as to fake their own suicide or death to get noticed


Would a truly suicidal person tale a picture of a medicine bottle and tweet their idol?

Well this story is about a “death” that came to my attention because Miley Cyrus tweeted the “victim and her


I went to the account and here’s the first thing I saw.


Two things seemed strange
1 would a person who’s sister just suddenly died jump onto Twitter like 25 minutes later?

2. Why tweet the same thing more than
Once? We get it – she died …

Also I noticed something – both “Taylor” and her “sister” don’t use spaces after commas or periods.

That’s pretty odd .. How many people do that ?? More proof this is a hoax !

Then I looked back in the persons timeline. On 5/17/13 she was feeling low.


She was also wishing she could get noticed by Miley.


She tweeted this a few times. She also said she was happy for people who got noticed.

Then on May 24, she said she was sick and going to the hospital.


When people go to the hospital do they know they’ll be there for 3 months? That’s a long time! Hospitals are usually for short treatments, recovery and then you get released. She isn’t so sick that she can’t tweet or pack her own things.

Someone asks why.. She answers ..


Now this alone isn’t too strange but most people would probably say the name of it like leukemia- if they knew- and it was real.


It’s supposed to be be 5am .. Would a hospital have flowers delivered at that time.


Why is she alone ?


She’s sick in the hospital and apologizing for not helping trend something??

Btw this was her last tweet ..


So she suddenly dies in the hospital and the sister .. Jumps on twitter to say she died .. In a hospital they have machines to monitor you and if something happens they can bring you back most of the time .. Remember she was FINE all day tweeting!!

The “sister” is back on Twitter

Probably realizing we might think it’s fake the “sister” adds this last tweet about 10 hrs later. That’s pretty quick to go from person who is tweeting and on the hospital for 3 months to finalizing the funeral. Most families are in shock and grieving and trying to just call relatives .. That’s awfully fast from death to funeral 3 days ..


You can agree it disagree when I write these people freak out! What if it’s real??? They say.. There are too many red flags here. She wanted to get noticed her illness, hospitalization and death happened in 24 hrs .. Don’t think so


Getting some interesting comments! I love that – they agree that its fake but don’t think my arguments are valid .. That’s ok .. Here’s an answer about when funerals typically happen
Remember there is usually an autopsy and then the body can be kept in cold storage ..


Pretty unusual that TWO different people have the same strange habit. Taylor and her sister don’t use spaces after using a period or a comma … I could see one person doing that but the ‘sister’ does it too? That’s just not believable!! I see this in some cases on twitter when someone says they are being bullied on Twitter .. When you go to the other account you see the same spelling mistakes or grammar errors .. It’s the same person ‘bullying’ themselves to get attention or sympathy ..



Comments on: "Another fake Twitter Death this time noticed by Miley" (8)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Just because its 5AM for you doesn’t
    Mean it is for her – it can be 8 or 7. There are
    Many different time zones. And funerals do happen very fast – usually within 3 days. So most of your arguments are invalid. I’m not saying I disagree that she is faking – because I 100% agree she is faking – I’m just saying some of your arguments are invalid.

    • She’s in Denver .. Same time zone. If you expect a death maybe you can have one in 3 days but this was a shock. Its also a holiday weekend – the hospital usually does an autopsy. They have to pick out casket headstone maybe family has to fly in. My whole point is when you take ALL of these red flags it builds the case.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Unexpected death funerals ALWAYS happen within 3-4 days after death. They make sure to do the funeral while the body is still recognizable. I agree she is faking, but I just wanna make sure you know stuff before you go putting it on blogs. Google it- funerals are
    Always within the week the death happens

    • I’ve been to funerals and heard about funerals .. Kinda gross but bodies are kept refrigerated .. They can stay in those for weeks. Also many body’s are cremated so Your argument is incorrect. My point isn’t the 3 days as much as the 10 hrs .. A sudden death and all arrangements are made in just hours and announced on Twitter – even though its a private service???

  3. Anonymous said:

    Yeah & they never said they were cremated. And I’ve been to many funerals also. Actually just one the other day. I never said they make arrangements in an hour. It usually takes a day or two and then they have it a day or two after the arrangements are made.

  4. Anonymous said:

    And yes I agree that it doesn’t make sense that they would announce on twitter if its a private service. Like I said I 100% agree she is faking. I’m just saying a simple fact.

  5. At the end of the day, if it happened and she is dead RIP if it didnt then she is a sick person ❤

  6. Also she said it was her birthday back on september 16. But now it suddenly would have been her 18th birthday yesterday! Not suspicious at all.

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