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Pop Tarts Books Demi Lovato, Owl City, Austin Mahone, More For Second Live Nation Concert Series

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts and Live Nation are re-teaming for Crazy Good Summer, a concert series that has been expanded from two to three shows this year. Confirmed performers include Owl City and Hot Chelle Rae, who will co-headline the first event in Atlanta in June. Additional events will include Demi Lovato and Chris Wallace in July, with a finale set for August featuring Austin Mahone, Ryan Beatty, Conor Maynard and Bridgit Mendler. Cities for the next two shows will be announced via Pop Tarts’ official Facebook page. The series will support the debut of just-launched Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop Tarts, the brand’s biggest launch in 25 years, and was booked by Live Nation.

Dick Podiak, director of marketing for Pop Tarts, says the program’s expansion was the direct result of some particularly strong success metrics from the Crazy Good Summer’s 2012 concerts in Chicago and New York, which featured performers like Mahone and Carly Rae Jepsen. “We had over 140 million Twitter impressions in PR, nearly a quarter million new Facebook fans… that’s all great but it doesn’t pay the bills,” he says. “Ultimately those help us build a connection with our fans, and we were super excited to see those results, but we saw about a 5% growth in sales during the quarter when we activated. We’ve had a number of targets over the years, from moms then adults, but wanted to zero in 8-to-18-year-olds and 12-to-24-year-olds using music as a key passion point.”

Austin Mahone will be part of Pop Tarts’ Crazy Good Summer concert series
Part of understanding the teen demo came from Live Nation’s social data from Big Champagne, an analytics firm it acquired in late 2011. Podiak says he didn’t know who Austin Mahone was, for example, when he hired the teen-pop singer to co-headline the first Crazy Good Summer concert in Chicago last year. But Live Nation research coupled with a cursory glance at Mahone’s social media following (2.7 million followers on Twitter, an additional 2.77 million fans on Facebook) quickly convinced him that the 17-year-old might be a better way to reach Pop Tarts’ young target than, say, a band a like Maroon 5 that had more hits on traditional radio but skews older in its audience.

“We’re marketers in Battle Creek [Michigan], so we may not be up on the talent — we were throwing out bands that maybe we knew and were familiar with as opposed to ones that our consumer target knew very strongly,” Podiak says. “Live Nation has helped us understand, ‘Hey, this isn’t a concert for me, this is for somebody who’s my daughter’s age.’”

Booking was led by Live Nation senior VP Rich Levy, and was a combination of Big Champagne metrics and more detailed regional data. “We’re basically looking at every piece of data across our entire company to make those decisions,” says Russell Wallach, president of Live Nation Network, the company’s sponsorship division. “We look at data from shows that we do, talk to our local general managers to actually look at the audience, look at local radio to see if there’s a teen audience in the market, to focus groups with the fans who actually go to shows.”

Not only is the lineup expanded this year, so are the prizes. In 2012, one grand prize winner won a “golden ticket” to any and every Live Nation concert they wished to attend in 2013. This year, Pop Tarts will give away 10 of those prizes — five of which can be found in one of the millions of specially marked Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop Tarts, the other five of which will be found on the Airstream Toaster Tour, a sampling event traveling to teen-relevant locations like water parks and Wal-mart parking lots throughout the summer. “We feel combining those two product experience elements are going to keep people involved with our brand all summer,” Podiak says.

Kellogg’s is already so thrilled with its results in music that the company is prepping a larger multi-brand program with Live Nation in the fourth quarter that will likely include the company’s cereal brands. The holiday-themed program will be centered around “the gift of music,” with cross-genre talent still being determined to reach a wider audience than Pop Tarts’ teen focus. “We’re really good at making cereal, not necessarily good at making music. But working with someone like Live Nation can make us smart really quickly,” Podiak says.

Disney Stars Support A Window Between Worlds

Art in the Afternoon is an annual community art event in Venice, CA.
On May 5, 2013, Disney star G Hannelius hosted this fun family day. A Window Between Worlds is near and dear to G’s heart and this is the third year she’s been involved in hosting this event.
The event was organized by A Window Between Worlds and all the money raised went to help survivors of domestic violence find healing through art.


There were Art workshops, games, prizes, food, a huge inflatable slide and live musical performances by
Joss Saltzman, The Burn Riffs and Lindsey Harper. Allison Marabate, “Zumbabe” led the a fun Zumba which many people enjoyed.

Aquarium of the Pacific provided a hands-on traveling aquarium and touch tank!



Families enjoyed painting tiles provided by Color Me Mine and making crafts and Shrinky Dink charms.


Nitro Dreams Ice Cream created yummy ice cream using a really special technique and Hansen’s Cakes provided a four layer cake that was delicious and beautiful!

LAFD Fire Station 63 came out and families were able to check out their truck and and talk to the firefighters! They generously offered donated a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at the fire station for home cooked meal as a prize in the live auction.
During the auction, they had to leave on a call!


G’s Dog With a Blog co-stars Francesca Capaldi, Regan Burns, and Beth Litttleford were joined by Karan Brar and Skai Jackson from Jessie, Olivia Holt from Kickin It and Jake Short from ANT Farm. The stars posed for pictures and signed autographs for happy fans!

As a special surprise, Nick who plays Stan on Dog with a Blog joined the celebrity meet and greet!





Mia Diaz and Asia Monet from Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance competition attended the event and enjoyed all the activities!


Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, creator of Phineas and Ferb, who also voices Agent Monogram on Phineas and Ferb drew characters from his show and signed his autograph on them.

Many generous people including G donated tons of cool stuff for the silent auction, live auction and opportunity raffle. G and her celeb friends worked really hard to make sure lots of money was raised during the live auction.


Whole Foods Venice donated yummy treats and delicious tacos for everyone to enjoy!!

Lastly, Mint Polish was a big part of the afternoon. At the event, they had a “Nail Art” booth where two fabulous manicurists, Jessica and Laura, painted and decorated nails with custom AWBW-inspired nail decals (a hand and a butterfly). They also sold polish with a portion of the proceeds going directly to the foundation.

About 600 people came out and about $65,000 was raised all to help A Window Between Worlds continue its mission of helping women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

Art in the Afternoon is an annual event, so plan on attending next spring!

More about A Window Between Worlds and how you can help (from their website,

Our Mission:
A Window Between Worlds is a the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence. Through creative expression, battered women and children gain a sense of renewal and power. Their images of hope, survival and strength educate the public and become “a window between worlds” for survivors taking steps to change their lives.

Since 1991, AWBW has provided creative expression as a healing tool for over 112,000 battered women and their children in crisis shelters, transitional homes, and outreach centers throughout the United States.

By providing an environment that promotes healing, art workshops help women and children to develop a renewed sense of hope and possibility that profoundly impacts future decisions regarding the direction of their lives, their relationships, and how to stay safe. Art empowers survivors to transform how they view themselves, allowing them to see past the abusive messages they learned from their batterers and rebuild their self-confidence.

The AWBW Windows Program is available to any agency or organization seeking to implement art as healing tool for survivors of domestic violence. They invite you to learn more about their programs and to join them in using art to empower survivors and to break the silence surrounding domestic violence in our communities.

For further information on AWBW’s programs please visit their website,, call (310) 396-0317 or e-mail For other domestic violence resources, see their Domestic Violence Resource List click here for DV Resources

Meet Reed Alexander at Whole Foods New York May 31, 2013




May 20, 2013, New York, NY – Reed Alexander (Nickelodeon’s “i Carly”) will make an appearance at Whole Foods Market Tribeca on Friday, May 31st . Reed will share a selection of his favorite recipes from his highly anticipated cookbook; Kewl Bites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious and Family-Friendly Dishes which will be released on September 3rd. Reed will be showcasing three exclusive dishes with guests; Mini Chicken Parm Meatballs, Fusilli, Artichokes and Sun-Dried Tomato salad, and Lemon Lime Kewlers. Attendees will get a chance to meet Reed and sample some of his recipes. Whole Foods Market Tribeca Store is located at 270 Greenwich Street, New York, NY10013.
“I’m so excited to be a part of the Salad Bar Nation campaign with Whole Kids Foundation! Good nutrition is so important for kids and it can be fun and easy too! I can’t wait to share my recipes with everyone through my website and my cookbook coming soon!” – Reed Alexander
Salad Bar Nation is an innovative campaign launched by Whole Kids Foundation to challenge America to eat a salad a day. Whole Kids Foundation was created by Whole Foods Market in 2011.

About Reed Alexander:
Reed Alexander most recently starred in Nickelodeon’s hit show “i Carly” as Nevel Papperman and was nominated for a Kid’s Choice Award for his role. Reed created the site where he can share “bites” of healthy lifestyle information. His cookbook, Kewl Bites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family – Friendly Dishes will be released on September 3, 2013. Reed is also involved with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

About Whole Kids Foundation:
The Whole Kids Foundation, a Whole Foods Market® foundation, is based in Austin, Texas, and operates as an independent, nonprofit organization. By empowering schools and inspiring families, the Foundation aims to help children reach optimal health through the strength of a healthy body fueled by nutritious food choices.

Another fake Twitter Death this time noticed by Miley

Many Fans of Twitter try desperately to be noticed by their idol.
They spam them, they open support accounts for them they even “fake hate” them in hopes if just getting noticed!
Some fan even get desperate and go so far as to fake their own suicide or death to get noticed


Would a truly suicidal person tale a picture of a medicine bottle and tweet their idol?

Well this story is about a “death” that came to my attention because Miley Cyrus tweeted the “victim and her


I went to the account and here’s the first thing I saw.


Two things seemed strange
1 would a person who’s sister just suddenly died jump onto Twitter like 25 minutes later?

2. Why tweet the same thing more than
Once? We get it – she died …

Also I noticed something – both “Taylor” and her “sister” don’t use spaces after commas or periods.

That’s pretty odd .. How many people do that ?? More proof this is a hoax !

Then I looked back in the persons timeline. On 5/17/13 she was feeling low.


She was also wishing she could get noticed by Miley.


She tweeted this a few times. She also said she was happy for people who got noticed.

Then on May 24, she said she was sick and going to the hospital.


When people go to the hospital do they know they’ll be there for 3 months? That’s a long time! Hospitals are usually for short treatments, recovery and then you get released. She isn’t so sick that she can’t tweet or pack her own things.

Someone asks why.. She answers ..


Now this alone isn’t too strange but most people would probably say the name of it like leukemia- if they knew- and it was real.


It’s supposed to be be 5am .. Would a hospital have flowers delivered at that time.


Why is she alone ?


She’s sick in the hospital and apologizing for not helping trend something??

Btw this was her last tweet ..


So she suddenly dies in the hospital and the sister .. Jumps on twitter to say she died .. In a hospital they have machines to monitor you and if something happens they can bring you back most of the time .. Remember she was FINE all day tweeting!!

The “sister” is back on Twitter

Probably realizing we might think it’s fake the “sister” adds this last tweet about 10 hrs later. That’s pretty quick to go from person who is tweeting and on the hospital for 3 months to finalizing the funeral. Most families are in shock and grieving and trying to just call relatives .. That’s awfully fast from death to funeral 3 days ..


You can agree it disagree when I write these people freak out! What if it’s real??? They say.. There are too many red flags here. She wanted to get noticed her illness, hospitalization and death happened in 24 hrs .. Don’t think so


Getting some interesting comments! I love that – they agree that its fake but don’t think my arguments are valid .. That’s ok .. Here’s an answer about when funerals typically happen
Remember there is usually an autopsy and then the body can be kept in cold storage ..


Pretty unusual that TWO different people have the same strange habit. Taylor and her sister don’t use spaces after using a period or a comma … I could see one person doing that but the ‘sister’ does it too? That’s just not believable!! I see this in some cases on twitter when someone says they are being bullied on Twitter .. When you go to the other account you see the same spelling mistakes or grammar errors .. It’s the same person ‘bullying’ themselves to get attention or sympathy ..


Peyton list to star in A Sister’s Nightmare


Peyton List who is best known as Emma Ross on Disney Channel’s Jessie and as Holly Hollis in 2 of thr Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies is preparing for a new role.

She posted the picture above with her co stars! She is in Canada now preparing to begin filming.

The Lifetime movie is called A Sister’s Nightmare. Here’s the synopsis:

“Police officer Jane Fraser’s life goes into a tailspin the day her older sister Cassidy is released from a psychiatric hospital and demands her daughter back.”

Wow! This seems like a dramatic role where Peyton’s character will have to deal with some pretty intense issues!

I’m so excited to see Peyton take on a more serious role and show her true talent. Aren’t you?

Meet Little Mix this spring at DNA CD signings.

Here’s info from Little Mixes official site:

May 17, 2013
Little Mix will be back in the States THIS MONTH. Click the cities & dates below to find out how YOU can MEET the girls!! While in the States, Little Mix will also play a few radio shows & perform at the Good Morning America concert on June 7! Stay tuned for updates!

Most of these events are to promote the release of DNA. To meet the girls you will most likely need to buy the CD and get a wristband. In some cities, you may need to buy the CD on an earlier day than the actual signing so check all the info on the event you want to attend. Also, if lines are really long the store management won’t let you take pictures with the girls. This stops the line and slows things down a lot. If meeting them and getting autographs is your goal, you’ll have fun!!

05/27/13 — Paramus, NJ

05/28/13 — Boston, MA

05/29/13 — New York, NY

06/01/13 — MIAMI, FL

06/03/13 — Chicago, IL

06/04/13 — Indianapolis, IN

06/05/13 — Detroit, MI

06/08/13 — San Francisco, CA

06/09/13 — Los Angeles, CA

06/10/13 — Piscataway Township, NJ

Go to the official website for information about each cities meet and greet!

click here for the Little Mix Website


Zendaya’s Big Summer and ways you can meet her and support her!

Shake it Up’s Zendaya just finished season 16 of Dancing with the Stars.
She and Partner Val came in 2nd place but fans loved watching her every week! To more than 2 and a half million Zsawggers, she’s the winner!!

You may think she’s going to relax a bit but Zendaya is not slowing down one bit!

This blog is let her fans keep track of the awesome things Zendaya has planned this summer.


Well, May is almost over but Zendaya will be holding band pauditions in Woodland Hills, Ca.



June 9

free concert at Saratoga Race Course in New York.

June 22

Zendaya will be meeting fans the flag ship True Life Apparel store at 1121 Santee St in Los Angeles. The meet and greet is on June 22, 2013. It starts At 10 am.



Zendaya’s new single Replay will be released sometime in July 16. Plan on buying it on iTunes and requesting it on your local radio station!


Zendaya will also perform at several fairs in Northern California.

On July 5, 2013

she’s performing in Marin County.
Here’s what the fair’s website says.

Friday, July 5, 3 P.M.
Zendaya stars as Raquel “Rocky” Blue, one half of the comedic duo of young dancers trying to dance her way to stardom in the Disney Channel series, “Shake It Up!” Born in Oakland, Zendaya means ” to give thanks” in Shona (a Bantu language native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe). This 16-year old actress/singer will perform her dance-hits and fan favorites from “Something To Dance For” to “Swag It Out” and much more at the Marin County Fair!

click here for the Marin County fair Website

On July 6, 2013

Zendaya will perform at the Alameda County Fair.
Zendaya is one of many performers lined up to perform at the Alamada County Fair! Alameda is pretty close to her hometown of Oakland so this promises to be a great concert!

click here for the Alameda County Fair website

July 27

Zendaya will perform at California State Fair in Sacramento, CA

buy tickets here


UPDATE: Disney Channel announced that Zendaya will star in an Original Movie based on a book called Boys are Dogs. Filming will take place in Canada and start early August.

Zendaya wrote a book called “Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence.”
It will be available on August 6th
Here’s part of the official press release!

UPDATE: there were problems with the book and the date was changed to Aug 27.

“Disney Publishing Worldwide will publish an advice book for tween girls written by Zendaya, star of the hit Disney Channel show Shake It Up!, contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and Hollywood Records recording artist. In Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence, Zendaya will share frank and fun advice for navigating the tween years with all the tools needed to be happy and healthy.

click here for more info on the signing


August 24.
Zendaya will perform at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY.

August 25
Zendaya will perform at the Big Ticket Summer Concert in Toronto, Canada.


September 1
Zendaya will turn 17!!

September 20
Zendaya will perform st the Kern County Fair in Bakersfield, CA

here’s the link for the fair

On September 21,

Zendaya will perform at the LA County Fair End of Summer series. You need to purchase tickets for Zendaya’s performance.

click here for information on the LA County Fair

October 1

Zendaya is performing at the Tulsa State Fair in Tulsa, OK

October 12

Zendaya is performing at the Fresno Fair Fresno, CA


I hope this helps Zendaya Fans find ways to support her and meet her!!

She’s amazing and sweet!


Ill keep adding to this blog as more events are announced! It’s likely she’ll attend LA premieres, charity events and the Teen Choice Awards August 11.

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