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There are tons of fake suicides on Twitter and now they are happening on Instagram too.
Real suicides happen and teens like Amanda Todd become well known. Other teens want to get attention and be noticed too.
The internet and social networking sites are places where anyone can post anything and most people reading will just believe it. Well meaning people are saddened when they here another teen has taken their life because of bullying. Most people RT these tweets, post tweets of support or even try to get a trending topic or a fanbase to show support by changing their user names, avatars, or writing something on their wrists.
Tonight I noticed #RIPOlivia and looked into it. It was from an Instagram account that was already deleted by the time I started looking.

I found this, her suicide note:


This sounds suspicious already. The account was only 2 days old and hardly had any pics on it. She’s blaming another fan base. If you are being bullied online by strangers from another fanbase just block them. There was no proof of this, no account names, no screen caps just this “suicide” note. Why was she letting strangers on the Internet from another fan base make her end her life? Her idols were Taylor and Ed. They teach us to be strong and love ourselves.
This is her Twitter account .. She’s actually a Cody Simpson fan on Twitter and never mentioned Taylor or Ed.


Also, 22 pills ? That’s not a lot. If someone wants to really kill themselves that’s not a very good way. These fake suicides often have too many details .. Why not just say ” a bottle”?

Then I saw this:


How could anyone know her time of death? The moment she took her last breath ? Only in the hospital and hooked up to monitors or if someone is standing over you could you know this.

A few accounts on Twitter and Instgram became accounts ” in her memory”
One wanted people to write on their arms.


This is an example of blindly believing everything you read. We have no proof this person is even dead.

Another edit to honor this person


Now usually, with these fake suicides someone comes on the persons account and says it was all a mistake. They say either the account was hacked or the person was found ” barely alive and taken to the hospital.”

I was surprised to see Olivia come back from the dead herself and give a very detailed explanation of what happened:



Wow! She’s alive! So there’s two explanations:

1. She really attempted to kill herself and here she is not only alive but with NO problems after her attempt! Her mind is sharp, no confusion and her hands are fine no IV’s no weakness.


2. It’s totally fake. This is what I believe for many reasons,

A. If you wake up in a hospital after a suicide attempt you wouldn’t have your phone. You’d be on suicide watch with NO electronics.
B. if she really wanted to die, she wouldn’t care how many followers she got.
C. If she took enough pills to almost kill herself and be taken to the hospital, she’d be weak, confused, getting her stomach pumped not posting a long post.
D. Her IG account was only 2 days old.
E. who kills themselves over a few mean tweets from another fan base ? They was no proof she was even being “bullied” sounds like her whole goal was to start a fanbase war.

The Instagram account is deleted — for now — most of these people want attention so badly they come back somehow .. Either hoping people will forget the suicide story Or as a “friend” or “cousin”.

Just another example of reading whole timelines and really as,ing yourself “Does this sound right?”

Could this happen?

Comment below if you agree or not.


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