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There are lots of fake suicides on social media. This story gets the award for the longest, most complicated fake suicide so far! The girl supposedly lived in Australia and was bullied by Directioners for supporting “Haylor”

I’ll copy the entire complicated post from Facebook then explain why it’s fake.


Note: I blame no one for this. I guess we had to loose someone, so the message was clear. I’m sure she was beautiful and Flawless. I wish she could’ve stayed. She was OUR Family.
Note #2: This is fairly long so, but if you can please read it all.
Note #3: Have tissues.

So we all know the girl who claims she started the #DirectionersDeserveCancer trend right? @AdmittingThis. Well, I’ve been talking to her and DM-ing her a lot, lately. And she told me a Swiftie had been DM-ing her as well, and they’ve been talking a lot about things and how their lives were. Anyway, I don’t know @AdmittingThis’ name, because I’ll call her AT when I tell you the story. The other girls’ name was Joanne, though. So, AT told me that Joanne had been recieving a pelt-full of hate from Directioners, in everything she Tweeted on Twitter and her Facebook got suspended. AT tried to help Joanne, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Before Joanne left she sent AT an email, telling her story or at least some of her story. And after that AT never heard back from her again. Joanne was completely fine with letting people know her story so I’m going to put it first, and then I’ll tell her story from what I saw afterwards.

I don’t know both of them personally and I especially don’t know Joanne, but I do know some of her story. So here I go, in my attempt to tell her story. So this is JOANNE’S story.

{What Joanne wrote to AT}

Hey, AdmittingThis, so I’m going to commit something permanent after I write this to you, okay? I’m sorry if it’s short and I’m also so thankful you were my friend through it all. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. I just couldn’t handle everything anymore. It was killing me inside and out. So, before I leave I want to tell you about myself, if you even care, and I hope you understand why I’m doing this.

When Haylor photos first came out I immediately shipped them. Not many people did, I shipped them because all I cared was that Taylor and Harry were happy – if that was the case then I was happy to go with anything they wanted. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I followed some Directioners on Twitter, and I immediately saw hate, I mean the first time they were spotted together it was only a trip to the park. They didn’t hold hands or kiss or hug really. So I felt the need to defend Taylor, my idol and my every, so I did. I told one of them to just slow down and don’t make assumptions that are so strong and not thoughtful. Most of them said that they were just joking around and that it was for fun, but if Taylor dared date Harry then they would hate on her for sure. I was shocked and I immediately felt insecure about them dating.

A few nights later I wrote a Tweet. That Tweet changed my world, it change everything. I regret that Tweet so much, I wish I could take it back, but I can’t and never will be able to. Ever! That Tweet was: “Aww! Haylor is so cute. I ship them, definitely. Don’t care about the hate, they’re Perfect.”. Immediately the thoughts and stuff were coming in. Some retweeting and favourited saying that they completely agree with me. But most sent me stuff, stuff I wish I never saw. “WHORE, just like your ugly idol. Get a life. Haylor is sick.” “Are you serious? I thought you were cool. Of course not, you’re a Swiftie, lol, get a life or better yet, delete this and die.” “SLUT! You SLUT! Don’t you dare ship them!” and everything like that. I was scared, I deactivated my account immediately. The response was just so quick and frightening, and it scared me.

That night was probably the first time I heard voice in my head. It wasn’t event hat serious and I wasn’t sure why I could hear them. They were discussing something, something I didn’t understand. I sometimes caught things they said like “That was weird.” “Heck, this girl should kill herself, you know?” “Oh no!” “Funny really. Flut, whore, they’re perfect for her.” I didn’t care about them. In the morning I considered them all fake and only imagination or maybe I was dreaming. I don’t remember. I don’t like to think back to that part in my life. But since I’m writing this, I guess I have to.

So I had my monthly doctor’s check-up the next day. I went in and all these people stared at me. Actually, I think they always stared at me, but this time I felt like they were staring into my mind and decipering all my fear and thing I dream of. It scared me so much more. When it was my turn I went into the doctor’s office and he told me to sit down. I don’t remember what I did in there. I do remember I felt scared and insecure. He said to me something along the line of “Are you okay, Joanne? You seem scared today.” And I don’t remember my answer to him. He let me out and he said I was all fine, and we left.

That night I decided I was being scared of Twitter for no apparent reason. So I went on the internet again and eventually I gained the courage to reactivate my Twitter account. Nothing had changed really. I decided I was stupid for being scared, I mean those people telling me I was silly to support Haylor were just saying things. They knew nothing about me, they knew nothing that would scare me. I shrugged and comtinued to keep tweeting as I did before. And I was also keeping up with Haylor. I wasn’t ready to Tweet about it yet.

I went to school the next day and as usual my friend would ask what’s new about Taylor, because they knew I loved here. So I told them, they were all shocked and laughed. I asked why. They all said that Taylor would probably dump Harry the best moment she got, and I guess they had reason to seeing Taylor’s long line of boyfriend. But I wasn’t having any of that. So I retorted back at them. They were surprised and rolled their eyes, going back to class. I shrugged. We always had these type of fits, it was nothing seriously.

So again I went on Twitter that night and I saw that Harry had stayed over at Taylor’s house. I was so infatuated with it, I mean they looked so cute and Harry staying with Taylor? I could help, but wonder what that meant. Without thinking I Tweeted something along the line of “Aww! New Photos of Haylor. PARTY. They are adorb, I still ship them.”.

The response was the same as before, but this time more harsh. They seemed to let me off the last time, because nothing was confirmed, but now they saw about the news and they were so mad, and so vengeful or something. They tweeted me so many things, it mad me afraid and I wondered if people could really be that mean.

I sucked up my breathe and asked one “What’s wrong with Haylor?”. She replied saying that I didn’t not just ask that and that everything was wrong, everything was bad and that she’d kill herself.

I was shocked at her. I was surprised that just 2 people dating could cause such a problem, I was surprised mostly that she said that she’d kill herself. I mean I was always proud of life and thanked God everyday for what he gave me and I was not very pleased to see someone would just through away there life, because 2 people wanted to date. I blocked her. It wasn’t rudeness, it was because I wanted closure from something like that, I didn’t want to look at her tweets and think someone was so ungrateful.

So I went back to school and my friend came up to me again. “Hey Joanne, how’s Taylor? Broke Harry yet?” I shock my head and told them she didn’t and that they were actually cute. They raised their eyebrows at me and thought I was completely mad. They laughed at me even and them shrugged and walked off. For some reason they didn’t even talk to me at all that day, I was alone.

Again I went on Twitter. More new, more photo, they had gone out to dinner together and were struggling to get into their car at this stage. I found it adorable how they held hands and Taylor smiled at the cameras. I tweeted something again I didn’t remember and was sure to make it more thoughtful so people didn’t hate on me as much. I guess my excuse was that I was crazy scared of the first time. I mean could one Tweet really mean so much?

Well I didn’t think so, my second tweet was definitely less thoughtful. “Stop the flipping hate on haylor. They’re Perfect.” And immediately that just blew up on me. And I got my very first death threat that day, with that exact tweet. I swear I even remember it. “Hey, Joanne bitch. Stop being a whore or I’ll find you a kill you. I swear I will.” That was the second time I deactivated my account.

I went to sleep that night and the voices in my head were a thousand times louder and I didn’t sleep properly. I was scared. She had sworn that she would kill me. She had SWEARED. She had told me that she knew where I liked. I was so terrified I didn’t want to talk to anyone that whole day.

That wasn’t the best impact on my friends, they though I was pointing out a fact by ignoring them. I knew what they all though, they were thinking I was too obsessed with Taylor and that I didn’t care about them. I don’t know how I know, I just knew that was true. I was even scared for my own life then.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. My mum is a pharmacist and my dad lives overseas, because they’re divorced. Thought you might want to know that.

Anyhow, let’s fast-forward, yeah?

So now we’re at the day where Harry and Taylor went to the skiing resort. And that was also the day I leanrt about the #DirectionersDeserveCancer trend. I don’t want to comment on that, because it depressed me a lot. Swifties didn’t trend it and I can swear that on my pathetic life, yes I’m saying it’s pathetic because right now I feel pathetic.

So that was when it was the worst. I tweeted something I don’t even remember and over 35 people retweeted it and I got over 143 replies for jus that one tweet. Just one tweet. That was also the first time I become depressed, like a real sickness, not my own dialysis. I had bags under my eyes, I heard voices in my head telling me to die and most importantly I started to cut.

I don’t like to cut before, I thought it was gross and wrong and noone should do it. Ever. For any reason. But I guess I wanted to experiment with it. I attempted it only once. And it immediately became my addiction. I did it everyday I did it a lot. I did it all over my body. Wherever I could. I mean I deserve it, don’t I? I deserve it! I know I do. And yet, that thought was a happy one to me. I was happy that I deserve it and that nobody cared about me. I WAS HAPPY!

And yet I ignored everyone and only concentrated on going on Twitter to see what people were saying about me. I didn’t talk to my friends anymore, they just gave me the cold shoulder. And that saying has literal meaning to it, it was cold and frightening and they would never turn to look at me. I was officially alone. No one really cared. No one would dare look at the girl who loved Taylor Swift.

But you know what? Taylor Alison Swift is my hero and she’s my hallelujah. She’s the one that kept me strong for so long. Without her I would’ve commit to this a long time ago, I swear I would. I would be cutting more and I would be trying to drown myself in the toilet or something. Taylor kept me strong. And I don’t care what anyone in the world says, she’s my hero. My absolute hero. And she doesn’t deserve hate. I love you, Taylor!
Anyhow, we’re going to fastforward again. To now, right now.

I’m going to sum up the time I fastforwarded though. Okay, so I’ve been to 2 therapists, they both said I need to change my way or else I’m going to be facing death soon. That’s because I’ve gone down to 21kg and I’m still loosing weight. They said I have 12 Mental and Physical problems with me e.g. Major Depression, Blood lose, Anorexia, Anxiety, Bipolar. They say it’s the quickest they’ve seen any of them develop. I guess it’s because I just got so much hate.

I’ve been addicted to Twitter. I haven’t had much sleep at all. I think I only sleep 8 hours a week, I’m not sure. Anyway, I go on Twitter everyday because I want to see what’s been said about me and I also found out Haylor broke up. I was actually sad, but my happiness at seeing all the hate and laughing when people told me to kill myself made me laugh. Why did I laugh? Why was I even happy? I guess I’ll never find out.

So yeah, I’ve missed out on 2 weeks of school already after my mum took me out and kept me home for home-schooling. She doesn’t know what to do about me and I don’t think she even cares. I want my Dad, but of course we can’t have what we want. I don’t think anyone cares what I want. My wish before I died was for Taylor to notice me or blink an eye to me, but I guess that won’t happen. I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment Taylor. I tried to defend you on Facebook, Beautiful, but that got suspended. Oh, and I deactivated my old account and using a new one.

That girl who told me she would kill me still scares me and I’m going to be afraid until I do it myself. I know I will. So, I hope she’s happy now, I’m doing it myself. Happy, girl? Happy? I hope you are, because I am too. I’m finally going to escape the happiness I don’t deserve and maybe I’ll even end upin Hell if I’m lucky. I hope I will. I don’t deserve Heaven.

Well, right now my Mum is out. I snuck into her Pharmacy and stole some Propranolol, whatever that is. I heard it can kill someone. I hope it kills me.

Anyway, yes, I am going to kill myself, I very much will do it. I swear I will. I WILL! And please don’t stop me. That’s my last wish from you.

I hope everyone lives happy lives and don’t do the Direction I went. It’s too depressing. All those names; all that hate, all those death threat. Everything. It’s just too depressing and could suffocate anyone. Especially me. I was sad all my friends left me for something so stupid, but I’ll accept their opinions. I mean all those things they said to, even I would right now believe I don’t deserve anything. And I don’t have thick-skin like Taylor, I don’t have armour on me, I’m defenceless and those words really did hurt. I mean if you look at it from the outside you would think that it’s just words it’s not going to really affect them, like seriously. But when YOU get hit with those words, you’re going to falter on that. That I will assure you.

So goodbye I guess. Have a lovely life and I love you. I love my Swifties Family as well.

{What I know her story is}

Joanne lives in Australia; she was 16 years old when she passed away. On December 16th 2012, that was the date she first cut herself. She was only doing it for experiment, but then it corrupted her into loving it. Her mother found out she did 2 days later while they went shopping. Joanne doesn’t remember her Mum knowing though, she thought her mum knew nothing and didn’t care. But Joanne was everything to her mother, she was her last family after she divorced Joanne’s dad and right now Joanne’s mum is organising a funeral that she thought she would never have to. Her mum right now is also slipping into depression.

Joanne had exactly 13 problems wrong with her when she passed away. Hearing voices was one of her major problems. Her therapist tried to talk to her, but I guess the voices spoke to her instead and they scared her to talk properly to her doctors. The therapist didn’t let Joanne into a Clinic and said to give her 2 more weeks and then she’ll definitely have to go. That was 2 days off.

She was tweeting everyone back, all the hate she got, and she reactivated her account and replied to most of the hate then deactivated it again. She didn’t really have a friend, all of them thought she was crazy and after she was home-schooled she no longer had connections to them.

How she got suspended on Facebook? Like she said she enjoyed the hate and everything and she loved Taylor a lot. So Joanne decided to defend Taylor, she never said anything rude, but a lot of people were against what she said and reported her and eventually Joanne got deactivated. THAT’S when her depression kicked into MAJOR depression.

Joanne died 2nd of February 2013, her birthday was 2 weeks away.

{The End. This was written by someone in her family and she sent it to AT, and AT showed it to me.}

I bet Joanne was a beautiful girl with a whole life a head of her. I bet if she had a friend she wouldn’t have committed suicide. I bet if people were more thoughtful as to what they wrote then Joanne would still be with us. But that’s all ifs. It’s not going to brink Joanne back to us.

If it means anything now, we love you Joanne, we your 2nd family, the Swifties love you so much. And I wish you didn’t commit suicide, I wish you were still with us.

R.I.P Joanne – a Swiftie

I cried reading and writing this. Joanne doesn’t deserve any of that and yet that was her fate and she died. I’m sorry I didn’t know you properly Joanne, if I did I swear I would’ve been your friend and help you. But it’s too late for that. If it mean anything now, I love you so much!

~Mιcнєllє(+.= )

Here are the reasons I know this story is fake.

1 TOO detailed

Some fake suicides have too few details this has WAY too many .. How would someone know the exact day she started cutting? ” she had exactly 13 problems” that sounds crazy. Who says that.?
Also, she is saying exact quotes from conversations and tweets from weeks ago?

2. Therapist and Dr would have admitted her.

If she was under the care of a dr and therapist and she was cutting, hearing voices, anxious, depressed she would have been admitted for suicide watch and put on medications.

3. 21 kg?

The girl was supposed to be 16 and weighed 46 pounds? That’s not possible. That’s the weight of a typical 4 yr old.

4 Stole medicine?

The story is her mom was a pharmacist and she “snuck into the pharmacy” a 16 yr old wouldn’t be able to “sneak in”.. She would have had to break in. Pharmacies are targets for drug users and other criminals who want to steal drugs. Doors would be locked and it there would be security cameras.

5. A family member wrote a letter to AT ?

This story is so complicated by why would a family member wife a letter about really personal family matters then send it to this girl – then the girl sent it to the author who posted it all on Facebook?

6. Homeschooled?

Why would a single mom who is a pharmacist actually “home school” her emotionally disturbed daughter? It’s one thing if she dropped out or quit but home school? It said after she was homeschooled she had no contact with friends .. How about texting, phone calls, visits, social media.

7. Too Dramatic

This reads way more like fan fic than a real story. ” No one would dare look at the girl who loved Taylor Swift” sounds like the whole story was written in hopes Taylor would actually read it and notice her.

8. Too similar

This story is supposed to have 3 authors, the girl Joanne, the family friend and the author who explains it all — they all speak the same way. There is no difference in their “voice” as my language arts teacher would say.

9. The Voices? Monthly check up?

Hearing voices In your head auditory hallucinations is serious stuff. A sign of psychosis. They started the night after her first hate tweets? And she happened to have a “monthly check up” the next day? Who gets monthly check ups ? She’s saying she was totally normal before the hate..
No one goes to the DR every month unless they have a condition.

Ok that’s pretty much it. These stories are ALL over Twitter and Instagram. Most people just want to be noticed or get more followers. It seems like who ever is behind this wants to start a fan war
Swifties vs Directioners , which is definitely not fair.


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