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There are several fake suicides on Twitter every week. Teen depression and suicide is a serious matter and this blog is to expose a fake suicide.

There are several resources and toll free phone numbers to help teens who are truly suicidal!
Here is one (877) 727-4747 – Toll free in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Counties.

There is also a National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK

Anyone who is truly suicidal needs professional help. They need to be OFF of twitter and be with trained mental health professionals and their family and friends.

People who are on twitter often want followers, attention, RTs, to be a trending topic. They see other fans get noticed and some get desperate.

I have seen several fake suicides one that seem fake and only when I’m 100% sure and show the WHOLE timelines to my mom and people I trust
I expose the fakes!

The one tonight was the first for Ed Sheeran And the first on Instagram

Here’s what happened!

Ed tweeted this:


People had no idea who Allison was and even guessed it was his friend.

Looking at the #ripxsheeranx hashtag I found screen caps from the instagram account @xsheeranx – (now deleted)
There was a collage of all of the next 4 pics but I’ll show them one at a time in the order they were written.


So we have to ask ourselves “does this sound like a suicide note?”

Or Like someone who was bored?

Most people who are so upset they want to DIE lash out at the people who have hurt them or explain why they want to die.. She doesn’t she has an idol, friends, followers and family.
She doesn’t say anything about being bullied, mean teachers, a boyfriend who hurt her.. Most people have some reason why life is so bad– she doesn’t

Then the “friend” writes this


Wow .. This is intense .. Ceiling fan?
Autumn Leaves?
Statistics show girls hardly ever hang themselves. They are more likely to use pills or cut their wrists. How could a ceiling fan hold her weight?
We don’t know how old she was but ceiling fans aren’t very strong. Also, if your mother found you DEAD do you think she’d notice what song was on??

Btw what happened to the razor idea ?
Also, the “friend” got on Allison’s IG account as soon as she found out and as she says had NO IDEA this was going to happen! Doesn’t she seem like totally ok and calm about it? I think I’d be freaking out not hacking my friends account and writing out the details.

Then she wrote this:


So she goes to the house where her friends dead body probably still is – remember the police have to come and rule out foul play – they have to cut the body down, wait for the Coroner to come take the body to the hospital for an autopsy or funeral home and she’s just typing as calm as if she just got back from a movie!
She also says she’s taking over the account — both accounts have been deleted.

So this story makes NO sense in real life — it’s great fanfic and teenagers can cry and say “how sad” but really?
She hung herself from a ceiling fan fir no reason and BF gets on her account and writes out the whole story then deletes…

People on Instagram want people to write ripallison on their wrists


There are over 1000 photos on IG tagged with #ripxsheeranx


I don’t Believe it so I Wanted to share my thoughts ..

This seems like someone who got bored and decided they’d be more famous dead than alive.

If anyone has anything they want to say leave a comment.

I’d love to know if anyone has screenshots from earlier posts before the accounts were deleted!

If anyone knows any more info on this I’d love to hear it —

Follow me on Twitter @alexirob
You can hate me and disagree too.

If there is a dead teen then there will be a newspaper article, and Internet story about a school who Is dealing with a student’s suicide, more people would know her ESP in the fandom.

Also, if this us real there will be an obituary funeral soon.

If you can, prove me wrong.

Comments on: "Another fake suicide this time to get Ed Sheeran’s attention #ripallison" (9)

  1. Christopher said:

    as always you have a good eye Alexi! keep up the good detective work!

  2. There is also a National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK

  3. Agreed – glad you were able to expose the TRUTH!

  4. I thought the same thing, I was watching some videos on you tube last night and saw RIP Allison and had a nose and smelt BS immediately! Hope Ed knows the truth, he can’t be that stupid??? P.s I think Ed rocks and its crappy that someone would use him to get 5 mins of fame, suicide is a serious sad and devastating thing to happen.
    Good job you for being clue DC up!

  5. Kaitlin said:

    I saw a few comments about this on a lyric video for Autumn Leaves… I haven’t been listening to Ed for too long, and I don’t know much about him or Allison, but I thought that some of the stuff might be true because I had no idea what else there was to it. However, this has made me lose all respect for whoever that person was. It’s honestly obvious that she’s not dead, and I’m glad that you exposed the truth. It really just sounds like a teenage girl making up bull about something that she really shouldn’t be messing with. And then she just goes on a rant kinda complimenting herself? Oh no, wait, that’s her “friend” who is just so completely calm and seems to notice every freaking detail about the situation but doesn’t say anything much about feeling sad besides that people should pray for a girl who’s already dead? And instead of actually having an emotion, she’s just explaining this to the Internet and giving a bunch of “touching” updates? Woooow, this is just sad. I actually feel used for believing it for a second. Thanks for clearing this up. People should really know better.

  6. What I’d like to know is why you blocked me, unfollowed me but refuse to talk to me over lies you have been told? And why you got others to join in on this when your Mom just messaged me to help you in an award? At least tell me why and what! Now you know why people hurt on Twitter! I am not going to kill myself over it but I thought about it. I NEVER lied to you or anyone but you hate me?

  7. I agree with you that the story just smells bad. But just for the record, most newspapers and newscasts do not report suicides, unless they jump on a story that appears to be an accident, but turns out to be otherwise. Then the story usually disappears. It’s just good taste and offers the family privacy. ~ This was the policy at the news station I worked at.

  8. hey I believe the recent #ripshae people were trying to get Ed to tweet is a hoax as well, you should look into it more.

  9. Rip Allison is Allison from Teen wolf. It was trending the other day because Allison from Teen Wolf died…

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