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Everyone wants to be noticed by their idol on Twitter. People wait for years and even open fan accounts to get noticed but still they aren’t.
Sometimes, they get so desperate that they make up or death or accident or say they are cutting or going to kill themselves hoping to get the fanbase to join in and help the person be noticed.
Most People on Twitter just assume that everyone on Twitter is honest and kind like themselves. It doesn’t occur to most people that someone would be lying about such serious matters.

Well, they do! Something about the anonymity of social networking makes them think it’s ok.

The only way to know if the person you are crying over or wearing purple for or writing their name on your wrist us really dead is to read WHOLE timelines not just one tweet or even a trending topic!

Here’s one story.

There is a girl on Twitter who wants Justin Bieber to notice her. Well so do 36 million other girls.. And guys!



Then she gets a little desperate and says this


She’s feeling so frustrated and ignored and even says this


Then she’s getting some attention but wants more so she says this


So we are supposed to believe she tried to kill herself and cut her wrist/ arm and is TWEETING about it!!

Then her “co owner” gets on


I’m only 10 but even I know if a friend cut herself and wanted to die, I would be talking to REAL people my parents, friends, her parents, teachers!! Anyone!!
I’d call 911 not ask people to tweet the account


There are suicide hotlines, real professionals who are trained to work with suicidal people!!


So a little later she talks about going to the dr for her arm.


So we are supposed to believe her parents made an appointment for this arm wound and she’s taking a friend with her for the appointment-

Then she tweets this


Ok … Best friend hospital that’s a bummer. Then she adds this.


Wow someone with cancer is rushed to the hospital – scary!!

Then she tweets this


So she was rushed to the hospital and died! Yikes !

Then she tweets that before being “rushed to the hospital” she had time to write these sweet notes with cute happy handwriting




This is starting to look suspicious isn’t it?? Do people rushed to hospitals hours before they die write letters like this??
Oh and at some point her 20 yr old sister (non- belieber) gets on the account and starts tweeting!!


The “20 year old” was taking over the twitter trying to get #RIPHannah to trend and it did – because tons of beliebers really think a person named Hannah died today…

Do you?

I know I’ll get hate and people will say I’m a hater, a bully, too young .. How dare I .. What if it was my friend and no one believed me but guess what ?

I don’t care!

I know I’m right about this story!
If you believe it take this blog to an older person another person and they will agree with me!

These hoaxes always start with someone who is bored or wants to be noticed!

I’ve exposed many other hoaxes – guess what they say sometimes ..

Oh you’re right I got hacked. That was my brother, cousin, whatever who hacked my account!

Well think about it

Leave a comment and I’ll approve it!!

Please start thinking and asking yourself does this suicide, accident, death make sense??

This one doesn’t!!

Comments on: "Fake Twitter Deaths and Suicides to get noticed on Twitter #riphannah" (4)

  1. Christopher said:

    this seems to be an everyday thing and its increasing on a massive scale it seems.

  2. That’s amazing, what is your twitter? I hate when people are like this… It just makes me so mad… Tweet me(: > @dancegirl_xo

  3. You’re so right on about the #RIPHannah. It’s getting really bad in the celebrity circle, seems like there is a new #Rip every week and people still fall for it.

  4. This is sad. People need to realize stuff like this will probably annoy the celebrity because THEY ARE SMART.

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