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The KCA’s are the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. They are taped at the Galen Center St USC near downtown LA. Tons of celebrities who are nominated walk the orange carpet. Other celebs come as presenters and guests.

The show is taped then aired a few hours later.

Tickets are not sold to this event. Nickelodeon gives them to the celebrities invited, cast of shows, employees of Nick and sponsors.
Some tickets are donated do charities can raise money in raffles or auctions!

Some kids from local schools and Boys and Girls clubs are invited and fill the slime pit!

Fans can go to the area that the show is taped. You can park and watch across the street from the orange carpet area and building.

You can’t go in without a ticket. Sorry

Sometimes, workers come out and pass out tickets to fans because they have extras or a group didn’t show up.

This is how it looked outside of the building in 2011. Some schools get tickets just to be in the orange carpet viewing area but not to the show. You HAVE to have a ticket to get close to the carpet.


When my mom and I went in 2011 a man came up and handing us tickets because people in his family got sick and he didn’t want the tickets to go to waste.


The presenters and nominees are taken to the event by limo but some stars just walk in and out the way other people with tickets do do if you’re lucky you could meet them. In 2011 I met a LOT of stars outside as they were coming in or were leaving.


Last year we went and didn’t get lucky enough to have tickets. But we still met some celebs outside!

If you can go and won’t be too sad if you don’t get tickets to go in, you should! I think it’s frustrating and makes you nervous because someone right next to you might get tickets but not you! But if you can handle just going and letting what ever happens happen go!!

I hope this helps you guys out!
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  1. I thought the awards were going to be held at UCLA

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