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If their dad was still alive, Bella, Dani and Remy’s dad would have been 50 years old today!
Reinaldo Thorne passed away in a tragic traffic accident in 2007 just weeks before he was to move to LA and join his family.

The three Thorne’s each tweeted about their dad today wishing him a happy 50th birthday!


Here’s Bella and her dad with Goofy! I guess She’s a long time Disney fan.


Remy posted this pic of him from when he was a “young Jedi”


Here’s Mr Thorne with Dani.

Bella was interviewed in 2012 by JustJaredJr and had these inspiring words for anyone who has had a big loss:

“For anyone going through any kind of loss that big…there’s this saying that goes ‘Don’t hate God for the people he takes away from you, but love Him for the people He gave you.’ You have to love your surroundings. My mom is here and she’s always supported me. I get teary and just thank God every day that she is here.”

Tamara has raised all 4 of her kids as a single mother since 2007. She is an amazing mother And is able to be at all Bella’s tapings, photoshoots and events!

The Thorne family continue to be happy, close and loving. They are so supportive of each other.
Mr Thorne would be so proud of how his whole family has carried on without him.


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