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Deja Carter is Zendaya’s sister/friend. They attend events together, hang out and are super close! 3 days ago, Deja just had a dance class in Philadelphia and invited fans to come meet her!

Today, Twitter and Instagram became full of posts saying Deja was kidnapped by her Boyfriend who goes by Duddy. He and Deja had things on their accounts saying that she’s fine not “missing.” Duddy even said people and her mom are just trying to make him look bad and “throw dirt on my name”.

and a friend




Zendaya and another friend asked Deja trick questions only she could answer and she did answer them.



This makes you think she’s safe but she won’t call Zendaya and she or someone on her account UNFOLLOWED Zendaya!!

Zendaya and everyone is begging Deja to call so they could KNOW she was. Safe.



6 hrs ago someone posted this pic to her account and said “Im ugly but I’m ok..


Again you wonder why not just call Zendaya or her mom!
Also she wore that shirt 2 days ago in this pic


So it’s possible this was an old pic in her phone .. Not from today!

Most cases when girls and woman are in danger the police look to the husband and boyfriend and there is jealousy involved . Check out these pics tweets in Deja’s Timeline


Interesting she’s giving a guy a shout out on Indtgram maybe he’s a friend or dancer ..

Also check this out


This guy is hugging her a Deja didn’t like the way he talked about like they were friends



All this is pretty intense! If Deja WAS fine she could have proved it HOURS ago with a quick phone call. I hope this story has a happy ending soon!

This is very upsetting to Zendaya and Deja’s family and friends!

If anyone knows anything Deja call Zendaya soon.

I don’t know why the police can’t get involved. I don’t think Deja is 18 yet. Maybe the police think she ran away ..

Ok I hope I can post a happy update to this soon!!


Comments on: "Is @deja_Carter in danger or safe?" (2)

  1. I hope Deja is fine….

  2. This is scary, I really hope she’s okay! If only she’d call and reassure us….

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