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Multi- Talented and beautiful Zendaya is having a huge week!
She just released 2 dance videos on You Tube and now there’s more to announce!



Tonight February 24, My Fair Librarian it up premieres!
This episode guest stars Tyra Banks who is returning as Ms Burke and Carly Rae Jepsen who will sing Sweetie!


Tomorrow February 26, Like We Grown , premieres. This is Trevor Jackson’s song and Zendaya plays his love interest in the music video! It will premiere on


Shake it Up’s 3rd album I ❤ to Dance will be available on iTunes on March 5th. This album has 2 songs Zendaya sings with Bella Thorne This is My Dance Floor And Contagious Love and a song Zendaya sings called Beat of My Drum. This song celebrates individuality. We should all be ourselves and not worry about fitting in with what our friends or society says we should do or look like. That's a message that Zendaya always to do get across to her fans!!

On March 1st, the video for Contagious love will be on Disney Channel and Vevo! How exciting us that??


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