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If you are on Twitter you may have been seeing a lot of Tweets about Nickelodeon Channel’s upfronts.

Celebs like Buddy Handleson, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande have tweeted about being in New York this weekend!

Nickelodeon will hold its upfront Feb. 26, and Disney will follow two weeks later, on March 12.

These events Are taking place in New York City.

You may be wondering what “upfronts” actually are.

In the United States, the major broadcast networks’ upfronts happen in New York City. The networks announce their fall primetime schedules, including tentative launch dates (i.e., fall or midseason) for new television programming, which may be “picked up” the week before. The programming announcements themselves are usually augmented with clips from the new television series, extravagant musical numbers, comedic scenes, and appearances by network stars. They take place at grand venues such as Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall or Carnegie Hall. It is also the time when it is announced which shows are going to be cancelled for the next season.

These Events aren’t actually for fans but geared more towards advertisers. They decide which shows they want to support.

Fans aren’t invited to these events but if you keep up with Celeb’s Twitter accounts, you might get clues to where they will be. Some celebs love meeting fans and might even plan a meet and greet while they are in New York. Keep your eyes open at famous sight seeing places, fancy hotels and the airport around these times!




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