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Update: this story is just so silly. This girl.. Teen.. Not sure .. claims she thought she had cancer but didn’t tell her mom, never saw a dr or got it checked out. Only AFTER she spammed the Janoskians
Begging for attention and having the fanbase spam them for her, she admitted she just used Google to diagnose herself in a DM to someone who posted a pic. After she was exposed as faking, She then said she thought she had cancer but didn’t. She says she never lied because she thought she really did. But check the tweets ” I HAVE le cancer! NO JOKE tweet me before I DIE” most people with cancer survive .. Why would she say she was dying? Check the last few screen caps they show she had no proof of having cancer .. Then she says she went to a DR and was told she didn’t have cancer but CAN’T remember what she has!!! This is crazy! If she thought she was dying of cancer she would remember what she DID have!! Also, if she had a lump it would take time for the drs to check it out and tell her what was wrong. She wouldn’t know the same day…

I’m not writing this to hate on this girl and I don’t want any of you hating on her. If she was just honest about making up the cancer story to begin with, I would have let it go. But she wants the best of both worlds. She wants to make up a story, beg for attention, use a fan base to get noticed then act like it was all a mistake .. She says shes sorry she “thought” she had cancer .. That’s why I’m writing this. Many of us are honest and don’t make up stuff and NEVER get noticed by our idols. Some people lie and get noticed .. You can’t have it both ways. I hope people learn from this story .. This is NOT worth it!

We all know its hard to get noticed by out idols on Twitter. We can tweet support, ask them questions, even open a fan Twitter account and still not be noticed. Celebrities are busy people and can’t possibly see every tweet from fans on their time line. They do tend to notice when there are a lot of tweets about one topic with a hash tag. Sometimes they reply to hate, which is really annoying. So some fans resort to lying about suicide or cutting or cancer to get noticed. This happens to many fanbases : Beliebers, Arianators, Little Monsters, etc.

I came across an interesting story this morning. A girl was upset because people thought she had lied about having cancer. She got noticed by Jai and James who tweeted her messages of support.
She wrote a twitlonger saying she tweeted ONE tweet 2 days ago and didn’t know it would get so big,


She sounds sweet and I was curious. If this was true then maybe people were being mean and jealous of her getting noticed by their idols.

So I checked her time line.

It all started with this:


Them a few minutes later this:


Then a few minutes later this:


Then her friends all started to try to get her noticed and trending. Then she posted this.


Then a bunch more people tried to help out! She RT’d them and thank sped them for their support,
She even asked people to go to and ask her questions


Finally Jai and James Tweeted her messages of support. People got suspicious and said they didn’t believe her and FINALLY she wrote a Twitlonger but she is still saying she “thought” she had cancer but denied “lying” to get attention! She never went to a doctor, never got a diagnosis.

I don’t think her apology is very honest .. She said she found out she had cancer 2 weeks ago and was going to die from it. Then she changed her story completely.

It’s up to you guys … What do you think? I hate to say it, but this is going to make it really hard for people who really have cancer to get noticed! Jai and Luke know about this now and will probably think the next person who says “I’m dying please notice me” is lying too…

If you really want to be noticed by a celebrity it takes patience and hard work, be supportive be creative .. But not like this!!!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!


She corrected me that it was Jai and James who noticed her I thought it was Jai and Luke .. Fixed!

I went back and saw that she tweeted this to James:


I just think its funny because in her tweets explaining it she’s so sweet and sorry for being wrong about having cancer! Notice how she just says “yeah” not “well I’m not sure but I think I do, I googled it .. No Dr said I do but I think I do”

Now that I think about how does she know she doesn’t have cancer all of a sudden. She was never diagnosed with it and now she’s saying she doesn’t have it ??? Just because she got some hate ??

Here are two screen caps here where she says she googled it and never told her mom:


After she was noticed by Jai and James, people questioned whether she had cancer and then she sent this:


Notice how most people just believe this and accept it! Wouldn’t YOU remember what the DR said you had??? C mon ???

Everyone needs to open their eyes or people on Twitter will just say anything to get noticed, become a top tweet or trending topic then just say “sorry” if they get caught lying!!

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