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On February 2, 2013 Several young celebrities helped make the lives of LA foster children a bit happier!
The event was hosted by Alli Simpson and sponsored by Oohlalacouture.
This event was the company’s 4th annual Tutus for Tots event.
The children were selected by Together We Rise. Love Pastry, Pink Pewter and Miss Caley also donated items to give to the children. An artist designed and personalized T-Shirts for each child, volunteer and celebrity! Celebrities spent some time on the pink carpet then choose children to escort through the room selecting items that each child wanted! Some children even changed clothes and came back for their own time on the pink carpet!!

Alli Simpson hosted the event, hung out with the volunteers and walked some little girls through the room making their day a whole lot brighter!

Stars who attended included:
Dylan Snyder
Kat McNamara
Francesca Capaldi
Audrey Whitby
Skai Jackson
Allison A Arm
Ava Allen
Kelli Berglund
Sierra McCormick
Gracie Dzienny

The guys from IM5Band were there helping out too!

Host Alli Simpson

The pink carpet

Interviews on the pink carpet

IM5Band on the pink carpet

Oohlalacouture dresses ready to be chosen by little girls.


Love Pastry shoes ready to be passed out.

Francesca Capaldi ready to help!


Gracie, Audrey and Kat prepared to give back! 20130203-130408.jpg
Dylan Snyder rockin the pink look!


Celebs signed bags to be auctioned for charity later!


Ava Allen looking gorgeous!


Allison A Arm was ready to give back and look great doing it!


Each little girl filled a bag with goodies and a new outfit! Here’s Dylan Snyder with his little one!


Kelli Berglund helping this little girl choose some Love Pastry Shoes


Kat, Audrey, Gracie and Kelli with the littlest princess of the day!
Cole and Dana from IM5Band with their little ones rocking the red carpet!


Alli Simpson helping her little one choose her goodies! 20130203-132304.jpg
Alli Simpson with volunteers during some down time!


Alli Simpson and some volunteers with their Miss Caley bracelets.

Miss Caley gave the guys of IM5Band her hand made bracelets!


Kat waiting for her Cat t-shirt to be custom made.


click here to check out Oohlalacouture’s latest fashions


click here to learn more about Together We Rise and how you can help kids in foster care


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