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Would you love to check your mentions on Twitter one day and see a tweet to you from your favorite celebrity? Celebrities love their fans and many reply, follow and RT fans everyday. I want to help YOU get noticed by your idol!
Here’s 20 tips that will increase your chances by … A lot!!

A few things before I start my tips!
Your chances of being noticed by a celebrity depends on MANY factors!
If a celebrity has millions of followers and only tweets once a week or so (like Taylor Swift) your chances are VERY small.

Also, some celebrities only use their Twitter account to promote THEIR projects. Check their timeline if they never reply to fans and only tweet about upcoming episodes, albums, songs, events, then, sorry but you really shouldn’t waste your time trying to get reply from that particular celebrity.

Last, please be aware that some celebrities accounts are run or monitored by the celebrities’ parents, managers or publicists. Be careful if you try to talk about personal stuff. You may think you are being funny but you might get blocked!

Check a celebrities timeline. Are the online often? Are they replying to fans? ( not just other celebrities) are the favoriting and RTing fans?
If the answer to these questions are “yes” then your chances of being noticed are much higher than if the answer is “no”.

Ok so here are my tips!

1. Be Creative!
Celebrities timelines are flooded with mentions especially if they have millions of followers like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, or Selena Gomez!
If you want them to see your tweet and notice it you have to get an emotional reaction. You want them to say “aww”
Or “wow”!
So… Show your love! Can you draw?
Draw a pic of your favorite celeb and tag them – sign it w ur twitter name!
Are you funny ? Try joking in a creative way your fav celeb will get? Does your favorite celeb love a certain cereal? Tweet a pic of it with something funny!
Do they have a pet like Bella, Zendaya and Ariana? Make an edit!

2. Tweet them when they are online

Most won’t see tweets buried in their timeline. Some celebs are on often like Ariana Grande. Some celebs are on late at night after their busy day like Bella Thorne. Some tweet more more on the weekends. Get to know your fav celeb’s schedule and tweet when they are on line.

3. Don’t spam them –
This means tweeting the same thing again and again and again!! Some celebs will notice you but a lot will block you. Also, it’s really annoying for your followers if you are spamming a celeb. It shows up in their timeline too!

4. Check their timeline for clues about what they reply to.
Some RT jokes, some reply to compliments, some answer questions about their career, hobby, family.
Some Celebrities don’t like to brag or “toot their own horn.” but they want to share their good news.. So if they are nominated for An award or win an award or graduate high school early like Dove Cameron or Nolan Gould congratulate them and they might reply or RT you.

5. You will have more luck getting noticed by up and coming celebs or celebrities Like
or Celebrities who play supporting roles on TV shows like Caroline Sunshine and Adam Irigoyen!

6. Look out for Follow sprees Like Victoria Justice has. Or #Ask____ times, some tweet during new episodes like the cast of Pretty Little Liars or Dancemoms! or on the day their movie premieres like Bailee Madison and Joshua Rush when Parental Guidance Movie came out!

7. Meet them at an event (this is tough, but if you live in LA or NY your chances are pretty good)

click here for a celeb event calendar updated often

Some celebs say if you meet them they will follow you! So meet them, post a pic to remind them, then thank them. You just might get a reply!

8. Be patient! If they have over 1 million followers they just might not see your tweets! Don’t give up after a week or month.

9. Be positive – sadly some celebs reply to hate. There was a crazy fan war between Bella and Zendays and Bella replied to calm things down but you’ll probably get blocked and other fans will attack so – again not worth it!

10. You can start a support page for them or their show but be committed to it – don’t do it just to get noticed.

11. Be happy and grateful (not greedy) when you get noticed. If you get an RT or tweet say “thank you, you made my day! Don’t think that now you are going to have a long conversation or they are going to reply every time you tweet them.

12. Don’t waste your time on celebs who don’t reply, RT or follow – sorry but some just have Twitter to promote their projects

13 RT your fav celeb’s tweets not all of them but if they ask you to do it – they might be checking and thankful to you!

14 Keep a clean timeline!
If you want a follow they might check your timeline if they see cussing or hate. Sometimes I check timelines and notice the tweets to celebrities or me Are really sweet but the person is cussing and causing drama with their other followers. No celeb is going to want that in their timeline!

15 PROVE that you support them
Tweet a pic of you holding a movie theater stub or a screen cap showing you bought their song on itunes. Be honest!

16 Follow, tweet and reply to their family. Some celebs brothers or sisters have accounts Like China Anne’s sisters @reallaurynm and @mynameissisi Noah Muncks sister and brother. Some celebrities moms are on Twitter like Ashley Argota’s mom @mamaargota or Ariana’s mom Like @joangrande if THEY reply to you
The celeb will see it 
Note- Do Not USE the sibling or parent to get to the celeb! Don’t beg them to ask the celeb to follow you – not cool!!

17 Use the hashtags they use! Are they trying to trend something?
Help them out!! If your fav celeb is releasing a song or trying to get on @radiodisney s top three like @Olivia_Holt help them out!

18 Notice what charities they support
And follow them and support them to again – be genuine pick ones you believe in! Bella wanted fans to support Staples for Students last August and RT’s people who supported it too! Amandla Stenberg supporting No Kid Hungry and asked fans to wear orange on a certain day! She RT’d and Thanked fans who did!

19 Be Encouraging!
Is your fav celeb trying something new?
Auditioning Like Dylan Snyder? Writing a book like Rico Rodriguez did?
Tweet message of support about the new project !

20 Tweet about things they like-
Is Their favorite team playing soon? Is a new video game coming out that they’ll love? Gregg Sulkin Loves English soccer games!

I hope these tips work for you! Remember to favorite or screen cap your reply or RT if and when you get one!!

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I meet a lot of celebrities and a lot follow me and reply to me. I also let you know when celebrities are meeting fans!









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