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We have the plots of the next two episodes if our favorite show, Shake it Up!

Shake It Up!: Oh Brother It Up
Air Date January 13, 2013
Rocky and CeCe get hired at Bob’s Kabob’s, where CeCe loses her job after she butts heads with the strict manager, Logan played by Leo Howard! Rocky, as usual, does a great job at KaBobs and doesn’t want to quit when CeCe is fired! Georgia plans Jeremy’s birthday dinner, and he is bringing over his son “scooter” for the first time. “Scooter” is actually Logan!!! How weird that Jeremy, who is CeCe’s mom’s boyfriend, has a son who is the girls’ boss! Tinka and Flynn work on a special cake for Jeremy!

Omg! I’m looking forward to this!

Here’s the next new episode
Shake It Up!: Quit It Up
Original Airdate:
CeCe gets an embarrassing job as a dancing zit at the mall. She doesn’t want to quit because she knows Logan and Rocky expect her to. Also, the girls get breaking news about the fate of Shake It Up Chicago that threatens to change everything.

Omg! Poor CeCe!! Having a zit is bad enough can you imagine having to BE a zit??

I love Shake it Up and have been to several tapings of the show! The cast and crew work hard to make these shows fun for us.


Are you excited to see the new episodes??

Here’s Leo Howard as Logan on Brother it Up


On Feb 10, I Do it Up will air! All we know about this episode is that Jeremy proposes to Georgia!


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