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DJ Ernie D. and Zendaya have been sharing that they will be at the Rose Parade in Pasadena Ca on January 1, 2013. Zendaya shared she won’t be performing but rather she will broadcasting live with Ernie D for Radio Disney and riding on a float!

Well, Disneyland has been working on a very special float featuring the new Carsland at California Adventure. It will be the longest float ever entered in the parade!

Hmm Zendaya ?.. Ernie D? Radio Disney ? .. Disneyland ?

I think it’s safe to say they will be on this float don’t you?

The picture above is an artist’s idea of what the float will look like.
Here’s an actual picture.


Here’s more info:

The Disneyland Resort entry in the 124th Rose Parade transforms a float into the town of Radiator Springs.
The Disney float, dubbed “Destination: Cars Land,” showcases the landmarks of Cars Land in a colorful re-creation of the roadside town of Radiator Springs.
Shaped like the state of California, the 125-foot long float features flowing water, smoke-puffing baby tractors and 45 animated parts, including replicas of Lightning McQueen and Sally as they relive their fun-spirited road race from the first “Cars” movie. Mater, the tow truck, follows along behind the float.
The parade steps off at 8 a.m. (PST) Tuesday, Jan. 1, in Pasadena, with the theme “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

Here’s a fun pic of the bleachers for fans and parade route down Colorado Blvd.


There are 3 ways to watch the parade!
You can buy seats on the bleachers along the route and be there in person! You can just line up on some parts of the route for free! Fans can camp out the night before. You can watch the parade on several channels.
They will be replaying the parade all day!

I’m so excited for Zendaya!! I bet it’s gonna be an Awesome day for her!



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