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The Jonas Brothers had three sold out shows at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Several of the brothers’ famous friends came out to show their support and enjoy a great show!

I was lucky enough to go to the last of the three concerts on November 29, 2012.

I saw Matthew Finley who co – starred with the guys in Camp Rock 2! My mom asked for a picture and he saw me and said, “Alexi!! How are you!” can’t believe he remembers me! I’ve met him but haven’t seen him in over a year!


Then I saw Zendaya walk in with her mom and dad and sister Deja. I love Z so much!!! She is sweet, talented and gives the best hugs!


Lastly, I saw Chelsea Kane come in. She was on Jonas with the guys! Now she’s on an ABC show called Baby Daddy and voices a character on Fish Hooks which is on Disney Channel. She’s so sweet and pretty!


Bella also went to the concert with friends. I didn’t see her in person but she put this pic on Instagram


The concert was great!! The brothers sang their classics like SOS and Burning Up! They also sang new songs that they are working on. They sang covers like Phillip Phillips song, and Tonight, We are Young and even put together some medleys!




It was a great concert at a great venue!
There was a rumor on Twitter that Miley Cyrus was there .. But she wasn’t!

I had a great time! Loved seeing old friends Kelly Jo, Tara, Sarah, Jolene, Missay and others.

Zendaya, Bella, Matthew and Chelsea were so sweet to take pics with and talk to fans!!


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