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I was researching casting information and came across this:

Disney Channel just ordered the pilot to this new comedy series with a projected 2013 airing date. The series is produced by Todd Himmel (“90210″, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”) and Josh Silverstein (“So Random!”, “That’s So Raven”, “Cory in the House”).

The pair has written and produced comedic shows for many years so this new series should not disappoint.

Disney Channel Auditions 2013
‘I Didn’t Do It’ is about a pair of fraternal twins with comedic storylines that revolve around a “he said – she said” type story. As the show begins, the twins, are entering high school as freshmen. It is a new school for them and will be filled with many new experiences now that they are no longer in middle school. Like all teens, the twins are coming into their own. Claire and Cole Watson are 14 years old. Claire is no longer the skinny girl she was in middle school and has become very attractive with her eyes set on a jock named Seth. Her brother, Cole also wants to be popular and the twins compete with each other as they have their entire lives. Part of the cast will also be their friends. Claire’s best friend is an over achiever named Jasmin. In the pilot episode the twins decide that their way to popularity is by throwing a party at their house when their parents are away.

The show will focus on an event then tell the story from the viewpoint of each twin. We’ll get her side of the story as well as his.

The new Disney pilot will begin filming in early 2013 and producers are casting for the new show now. No word yet as to who got the starring roles but there are plenty of opportunities for new talent to get into the mix and land a part on the series.

Auditions for the new Disney Channel pilot are being held in Los Angeles and the show will need not only to cast its lead roles, but also all the supporting roles, possible recurring roles, stand ins and extras. Extras casting for ‘I Didn’t Do It’ will be handled by Central Casting in Los Angeles. “I Didn’t Do It” is set in a high school, lots of extras will be needed to fill the classrooms and the halls.

Those that want to be extras on the new show need to register with Central Casting. Especially needed are adults who can pass as teenagers and as high school students.

Disney new comedy is part of their 2013 lineup and the show is planned to be shot in Los Angeles in early 2013 and hit the air later on in the year.

This new Disney Channel TV show sounds like it’s going to be great fun with a fresh take on the 1/2 hour teen sitcom.

So who do you think would be great as the cast for the new Disney show “I Didn’t Do It”?

I think it would be a great show for Trevor Jackson and Coco Jones!!!

I can’t wait to see who gets cast in this show!!


Comments on: "Disney Channel is casting for a new show I didn’t do it set to air in 2013" (34)

  1. Shanna Holliday said:

    How do I register with central casting if I live in Rhode Island? Is there a website or something?

  2. what can i do if i want register in the casting? but i live in uruguay, (the little country inbetween argentina and brasil) and here are not castings! i can talk in spanish and english! please help me! i dont know what to do! 😦 if soeone can help me this is my twiter:

  3. what can i do if i want register in the casting? but i live in uruguay, (the little country inbetween argentina and brasil) and here are not castings! i can talk in spanish and english! please help me! i dont know what to do! 😦 if soeone can help me this is my twiter:

  4. I am 9 and I love Disney Channle and all the shows❤and I love to sing i live in jasper tn or 37347

  5. Danielle bell said:

    I Love to act and I’m a really good actor I am 12 years old and it would mean the world to be on Disney channel

  6. hi im 11 years old and i was wondering if i can be on Disney channel i was hoping that since i was 1years old i always wright in my diary im going to be on t.v. it will mean so much to me i was born to be a star and i know how to sing and sing now if you want me to be on tv ill tell you my real name so please would you make a girls dream to come true me and my best friend was born to be a star 🙂 please and thank you.:^

  7. Albert Cochran said:

    My name is Albert Cochran I like rapping singing and dancing and I’m looking Forward too making a show on Disney Channel that will be cool in Exciting

  8. I don’t think the channel checks here for these kinda things guys sorry but I don’t want somebody to lie to you.

  9. Jasmyne Simon said:

    Hey my name is Jasmyne I watch disney every day and I mean every day and I love it soo much. I am thirteen as of feb 17. The best part of my life was always when I would act I don’t have much experience but everyone I know says I was born to act. It would mean everything to me to be on disney I loved it for so long so PLZ give me a chance I won’t let you down thank you so much for taking the time to read this 🙂 ❤

  10. I have acting experience and I sing and I play guitar

  11. My name is Namiya. Im 15 years of age , turning 16 previously. I model for Barbizon &also did business with talentsolution. I’ve been trying too audition for Disney Channel. I’ve found a couple of auditions but I need too speak with someone . Please contact me back. Thank you.

  12. Justin Bautista said:

    Hi my name is Justin Bautista I am 13 i am african american my dream was to become a actor or singer I sing and act anyways I would love for you to give me a chance to prove to you that I’m worth being on the show I am very athletic I play football basketball and lacrosse. I want to act on your show for you and my freinds, some of my friends say I should be a actor because I am so funny and nice also I’m thoughtful cute trustworthy inspiring. We’ll thankyou and please ask me to audition for you.

  13. I act, sing and I play guitar

  14. you should really give out a phone number so we can call

  15. Hi my name is Erika Harris i’m 14 year of age and i love to act, sing, do makeup, and hair. i am very artistic and i really think the show should have me on it. i have been in acting call every sence i was in the 3rd grade. i love to watch DISNEY CHANNEL a lot. could any please contact me @ my email. Thanks.

  16. my dream is to be on disney channel and it will maybe come true i will be dance sing and act i dont care about the money i just want to be on disney channel hope you pick me

  17. Jada McKenzie said:

    hey my name is Jada McKenzie and i am 12 years old i love Disney channel and i always have.i love acting and singing.this is a chance for you to see my talent.

  18. Guys Alexi isn’t choosing people and she doesn’t have connections….please keep yourselves safe!

  19. Nicola Aksakal said:

    How do you become famous?

  20. Susy Briones said:

    Hi my name is Susy Briones I am a female and I am 14 year old I was born on sep/10/1998. I’am brunette,5’2 I like to play lacrosse and drawing. I would like to audition for this part or another because I really enjoy watching Disney Channel and I would like to be in it! My mom always told me that if I ever got a part for anything she will support me and do anything to help me succeed in life like every other kids I the world! I want to succeed in life and show everyone who says I well never be famous or be in tv wrong especially to the people who bully me at school just because I don’t talk to them. It’s funny I’ve ways wanted to say ” hey I’m susy Briones and your watching Disney Channel)! You don’t have to pick but at least read my info and if I don’t get pick can you please tell about other I auditions for anything like a movie! I hope your show goes great when you pick the stars for it and I wish then luck and congratulations for conquering their dream!!! Well just keep me in touch for incase you need extras!! Good luck to everyone!!! :)) I also speak fluent English and Spanish and a little but of french!!

  21. If i go to Central Casting what do I take in Pape forms. And like in what room do I go to.

    Thank You very much

  22. sade toomer said:

    i am 11. i love to act and i have very good acting instinct so please pick me

  23. jessica henderson said:

    Hey guys.:) i’m Jessica Henderson and i’m 12 years old and in 6th grade. i love to act and i sing and play volley ball. i’m on the volley ball team at school. I’ve acted in plays at school and a big play at church and it had over 300 people. i’m very sassy and sweet. i’m African american. i have dark brown hair and eyes. i’m 5″3 so i look like i’m 14. i’ve gone to an acting class last year and it helped a lot. i’m very confident in myself. my favorite actor is tom cruise. i love the movie that he acted in called war of the worlds. i would love to act on this show. it would be a dream come true and i would love to get my acting carrier if you like what you hear please email my mom and me. thanks a bunch.

  24. I really want to try out, but I live in New Jersey, so I can’t. Anyways, my mom wouldn’t let me, because she would not take me all the way to Los Angeles just to try out. We do go to California twice a year, but we’re not going until August, so yeah.

  25. aaron addison said:

    I really would like to try out I love Disney channel and I watch it every day I’m 11 years old and what part you want me to be I will do it I’m very smart and I live in Colorado if the producer or who ever is holding auditions can please chat back information on what time and who I contact and what state its in that would be great

  26. Nyapuot said:

    Hi I’m Mary,
    I really want to audition for disney channel I watch it everyday as well I’m there biggest fan but now I want to have fans I’m 10 and I live in Victoria,Australia swan hill I take acting classes but I want to take the next step so if there is any auditions close it would be great for you to contact me P.S if you could contact fast that would be great

    Thank you

  27. hi im Cosette im ten I have blonde hair, brases, and im white also not shy at all MY DREAM IS TO BE AD ACTTOR thankyou.

  28. Can I be on disney. I’m 14 year old , I act, sing, and dance . So please tell me when you guy are coming to Chicago IL please

  29. adrianna cazier said:

    i am 12 and if i get to be in this show ” I Didn’t DO IT ” it will mean a lot to me i have been wanting to be on diseny channel sience i was 5 . please pick me it will be a hole lot to me .

  30. adrianna cazier said:

    I am also a very good actor, i can sing, and i can also dance.

  31. How do u apply pleease I really want to be on I’m something like emma on jessie

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