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Stefanie Scott is best known for her role as Lexi on Disney Channel’s ANTFarm. She was also a main character in Frenemies and was in Flipped! She is the voice of Moppet Girl in Wreck-It Ralph.

She was a student at The Maile School in Florida before coming to Hollywood and she’s returning to teach an acting class on December 22, 2012.

This will be a 3 hr workshop. Stefanie will teach the class, then the last 45 minutes of the time will be a performance and meet and greet with Stefanie.

The class costs $175 and is for kids and teens! Space is limited so call and reserve your space.

Maile School
999 South Orlando Avenue, Winter Park, FL
Call to register 407-628-5989!



Stefanie is sweet, pretty and talented! I hope I helped some of you meet her!

Follow her on Twitter @StefanieScott1

Follow me too @Alexirob I let you know When and where celebrities will be meeting fans!


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