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UPDATE: 1/8/13 this post is getting 1000’s of views a week, not sure why but if you are reading this thank you!!

I love Ariana Grande, her fans and feel terrible about anyone who has really been raped, abused or molested!

I just noticed that there were a lot of FAKE suicides and stories that were made up to get attention on Twitter!
This story is a good example of “red flags” things most people could use to see it was fake…. We have to think before just believing every story on Twitter and Facebook!

When We read a new story like this its ok to ask .. Does it make sense? Could this really happen? Does it seem real? Would my friends, family, sister, mom, friends, do that?

We know THIS story was fake but 100’s of more stories are REAL!!
Check out the comments! So sad!

UPDATE : 10/27

There never was a “Jade” the pictures of the pretty brown haired crying girl was of an innocent girl named Robbi K. She had no idea her pictures were stolen from her instagram and used in the hoax. Robbie is COMPLETELY innocent and had NO idea this had happened until a friend who recognized her from the “Jade” story told her.

I feel bad because some people were saying “Jade was really Robbi”
That isn’t true at all and they just meant the pics of “jade” were really the stolen pics of “Robbi”.

As I said from The beginning. This story if it were true would be sad but it had SO MANY red flags that when you look at ALL of them, no one should have believed it.

There will be more fake suicides on Twitter and in the Arianiator army.
We HAVE to be careful what we believe.

People actually cried and wrote “Jade” on their wrists. All for a girl who never existed.

The biggest red flag was no one really knew her. Everyone swore she was “my best friend.” “a real arianator” but no one would say where she lived, what school she attended, anything that people really know if they are “best friends”

I got SO much hate for posting my doubts – people called me a b*tch
C____, and of course said stupid stuff like “go play with your Barbies”

It feels good that now more people know the truth!

Here’s the whole story:


I love Ariana Grande, Frankie, Joan and the whole fan base!
I was at her 18th birthday, concert, and many other events.
I support her and help fans meet her through my Twitter @Alexirob
She’s meeting fans in Vancouver this Sunday and will be in a play at Pasadena Playhouse in the LA area 12/13-12/23.

Ever since a magazine wrote a story about Ari crying after finding out a fan committed suicide, there have been many suspicious “suicides”. Often, they were proven to be fake. Someone said the account was hacked or the person was revived in the hospital.

On 10/24 a strange story came into my timeline-

A girl named Jade “was dead”.
#RIPArianatorJade was popping up all over!

I checked her timeline and Jade had a “secret”


If a 6 yr old was RAPED it would be hard to keep that a secret — there would be blood, pain, and no Child would be able to just carry on as usual. Her mother would have noticed something.

So she told this story that even though her uncle raped her from 6-10 she had just acted like things were fine with her family
But now ..


For some weird reason a 14 yr old needed a baby sitter – and her uncle was going to babysit her.


She was so upset that he was going to babysit her – she finally told her parents.

Then she went to the police


Does this sound right? The Police went to the store and bought her Oreo Cookies? Also, men wouldn’t be talking to her – with girl sex abuse victims the police get women police for them to talk to.


There’s NO way she would know it was her “last” day at the police station.
She would most likely have to go back while the case went though the court system.

She says Uncle David texted her this:
Would a rapist admit it and threaten her in a text?


As if this wasn’t enough she then said she was being bullied.


Again to cyber bully this way is pretty dumb for the bully! And HOW did the kids at school find out? The police aren’t allowed to say anything!


Just not sure how the students would know?


According to her story the uncle was in jail. So he’s in jail the whole school knows but it isn’t in the news??

Everyone wanted to trend #RIPArianatorJade and everyone said they were her best friend – but no one would say how she killed herself – why her sister jumped on her account all kinds of unusual things.
A bunch of accounts tried to trend About it and get Ariana’s attention.

I posted my doubts and got ATTACKED !!

People were mad that I doubted this story.

I’ve just seen so many fake stories about suicide. This one doesn’t make since. No one is saying how she died. Het sister never tweeted until the morning she “died”. People don’t die of “coma” –



Then the account was hacked.. but not really ..

So this story seems very suspicious. If it were is true there would be a service for her, an obituary, a news story about the uncle. The cyber bullies would be suspended or Expelled. The sister would be more helpful – not just jump on her sister’s account for a few tweets.

Make up your own mind.

Do 14 yr olds need to be babysat?

Would her school know about it and bully her in such an obvious way?

Could a 6 yr old be raped and her mom not know? Then be raped 100 times over 4 more years?

Do police buy Oreos for victims?

Do rapists admit what they did and threaten in texts?

Do people die of “coma”?

If your friend or sister died would you care if anyone wrote her name on their wrists or if she was a Trending topic?
Would that stuff matter?

Up to you guys.. Decide for yourself


Comments on: "Another Suicide in the Arianator Army #RIPArianatorJade ????" (69)

  1. Yes, a 6 year old can be raped and parents will not know. But the rest of the story is suspicious, particularly as no real name has been given.

  2. ArianatorJadeRIP said:

    Nobody ever cares about what you say so go play yourselves with big teddybear. And #RIPArianatorJade are real so shut up.

  3. Fuuuuuck, Dang im so happy you made this post, i just want to cuddle you really hard now because you finally exposed the truth, People need to see through the illusion, these days. People believe more and more of this sotryies, like suicide. To get their attention, thank you. For posting thr truth, much love and cuddles to you from over here :), ill send this to anyone who has been fooled

    • -.- yes some are fake but this one probly not fake like pop stars moving to quba still alive does not mean its fake

  4. @BellaMyAriana said:

    You just opened my eyes. Thank you.

  5. Whoever wrote this I just have one thing to say…

    Are you an idiot? Of course a 6 year old can be raped and no one knows, not even a mother… Rapists and pedophilia are extremely sneaky, they thrive off secrets and they will do whatever they can to keep their wrong and immoral acts a secret.

    Also a child so young will have no idea how to describe what happened to them, and sometimes most of them won’t even know that what is happening is wrong… They’ll sense that something is bad but they don’t know why because they have no concept of sex and whether it’s right or wrong.

    Another level is fear, do you really think that this girl is going to come out and just say yeah my uncle raped me when I was 6, she would’ve had to be so unbelievably scared and most of the time the abuser threatens not only the person he/she is abusing but also the family, wouldn’t you be scared out of your mind if someone threatene your family? Abuses always tell the abused to keep it between themselves.

    Doesn’t matter if this is real or not – you have no right to disregard her story and say that it’s fake, that is so unbelievably rude and harmful to thy person. It takes so much strength and courage to even be able to admit to yourself that what happened to yourself is real… Let alone others. How do you think she’s going to feel that someone doesn’t believe the awful things that happened to her.

    I know you’ve gotten abuse about what you’ve posted but seriously girl, think it through… You are just making the situation so toxic ad harmful.

    I hope an pray that nothing like this ever happens to you because NO ONE deserves it.

    God bless

    • Your fucking restarted the girl is fake. So how is she being rude or disrespectful for speAking upon an imaginary person.. Fuckin douche she’s using other people’s photos and everything people are so stupid and gullible smh

      • Yes men police officers can talk to female rape victims. Yeah they would buy her Oreos. Not all rapes make the news. Hello wake up ppl!!

      • Jess, so you’re telling me you believe all this bullshit? With all the stupid fake stories out there and you believe this one? Yeah the author has a few holes in her points, but look at the damn story! She died of coma? And why wouldn’t she just show those texts to the police? Its just another fabricated sob story of the thousands on the internet.

      • drummergirllane said:

        Uhm actually no Jess. When a young girl has been raped or sexually assaulted in any way, it is police protocol to have them speak with a female officer. I have been through this, and no matter how long I cried to them wanting my grandfather, the sherriff, they refused because he was a man and they believe females will disclose everything with another female whereas they wouldn’t with a male…

        However this story probably is fake like many of the other suicide stories that seem to be increasingly popular these days.

    • I believe and don’t believe it at the same time

  6. Anonymous said:

    People can be raped at a young age and there parents not know, because whoever does it is obviously going to try their best to keep it a secret and most people just convince their self that its not true, and to be honest, who are you to say that this is fake? it might be but you haven’t got the right to judge someone like that, if it happened to you you’d be the last one to judge someone else and try to say that they’re lying, and what you have to remember is that police are people and they’re still human, some of them have children and would do anything to make victims feel more secure and safe, and yes 14 year old’s need to be babysat because its illegal to be left alone under the age of 16.

    • icklepixie said:

      It isn’t illegal to leave a young person under the age of 16… It’s 13 and it’s at the discretion of the parent. If a young person is trustworthy and responsible there is no law being broken.

  7. Yes,this could have happen to someone.i don’t know about this story.But I can and it did happen to me and 5 of my sisters and every one in my family new about it but no one did anything.and I have live with this for 58 years and I am going to me 62 in I say that I hope it’s not true for her. But let people know that something like this can happen .

    • skeptic one said:

      I’m sorry this happened to you, but it still went a little over your head. Who ever made this story STOLE some poor soul’s picture and went on with it. People all over the country killing theirselves, feeling depressed over what they went through are not being heard, but this fake story is getting a lot of publicity is what the writer is trying to say. Now that all this happened to I you, I am truly sorry, but yours should be the one that’s heard, not ‘Jade’s’.

  8. skeptic one said:

    Not only is what you said suspicious, but in all her dedicated fan pages, its the same two pictures! If she truly had friends and family that cared, and she died, there would be an overflow of pictures. And people who want her story to be known would’ve put her last name, date of birth/death, gave some details as to what happened to her or SOMETHING! Real people are dying everyday and no one would hear their stories out, like Amanda Todd.

  9. Beathany shut your face i agree with the writer

  10. skeptic one said:

    People commenting are not looking at the whole thing! Yes I believe a six year old could be molested and their parents not know- that’s probably the only part I don’t agree with- but the rest of the points made in this article are true. If you were molested, your classmates wouldn’t make fun, you don’t run to twitter for everything, a teen doesn’t need a babysitter, there is no details on this chick, except the picture belongs to someone else, and it does! And if your uncle molested you and got arrested, I don’t think he’d have a chance to text you… step outside of the box and look at big picture, y’all.

  11. Aninnymouse said:

    completely agree with this (except for the fact that young girls can be raped without notice).

    Thank you so much for posting this… I support you! (:

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. I saw this on Facebook, and seeing no last name, no age, and no cause of death, I decided to Google it. I stumbled upon your page, my doubts in mind (like your questions of how did the school find out, why would it not say how she died and why was there not a single thing in the news about it). So I posted the link on the Facebook page. Case closed. I am but a Watson to your Sherlock-esque intelligence.

  13. teamjacob said:

    I completely agree that this story sounds made up and it is true children can be raped at a young age i was raped when I was a baby by someone who I thought was supposed to protect me. Stories like this make me sick and how are people feeling so sorry for this girl when they don’t feel sorry for amanda todd she made mistakes but did she deserve to die because of them!!!

  14. I just want to say, i do believe because she had a younger sister named Annie and her user was rauhlingjustice and she deactivated her acc a couple hours after the truth was exposed so… your right 🙂

  15. omg how stupid can u be. i was raped from the time i was 6 months old til i was 11 by 3 different ppl in my family and no one knew til i finaly couldnt take it any more and said something. my step-dad sent me a threatening letter and the cops and da bought me soda and stuff to snack on that i liked. they even told me when the investigation would be over and when the trial should start. oh and one more thing, even though i only told my mom and the cops some how the kids at school found out and when i was 14 fixin to go to court over it all i had to leave the school i was in because of what ppl was sayin. im not sayin this happened to this girl or not. how can we know? are u her? no ur not and all that stuff u said couldnt be real alot of girls go through it and some of them dont say anything until its to late.

    • Hahaha, omg! R you f*cking serious? you can’t be raped at 6 months old? Retard!

      • anonymous said:

        Yes 6 month olds can be molested. I know someone who was. It has left scars not only physically but also psychologically. It takes a sick person who does that to a child but there are sick ppl out there. Luckily this one is in prison.

      • Molested .. Yes raped?? .. Pretty sure there would be damage ..

      • This whole story was proven to be a hoax .. So the “uncle” not only isn’t in jail – he never existed ..

      • Jessica Fields said:

        Oh but you can I work at a half way house ppl do sick things plenty of babies have been raped so don’t speak on something you know nothing about

      • I didn’t say young girls can’t be raped .. Of course they can .. What I said was it would be hard for a concerned parent to not notice a 6 -10 yr old being repeatedly raped .. Not molested .. There would be blood, injuries, bruising .. Fears of visiting that person, nightmares., ..

  16. lol you people who actually believe in this suicide story are f*cking retarded. Amazing how gullible you all are. This sh*t would have been plastered all over the news and papers if it were true. So many things don’t add up right. As far as hiding being raped, ya you can hide it, but not 100 times worth of it there’s just no way. When ever that girl would have gone in for a vag appointment the doctors would have noticed something. And how would she kill herself if she died of a “coma”, which doesn’t even make sense anyway. Have you people even seen that fb page, it’s just a bunch of crap posting of stupid “funny” pics. How exactly is that a real dedication page to someone who committed suicide? There’s no real names anywhere, no obit, no real cause of death, no police reports, absolutely 0 evidence that this actually happened. smh

    • I agree with the writer. I mean if a teen girl kills herself if would be on the news. I mean no one even says her real name. And there are no comments on her Facebook pages saying prayers to her family. Or her friends saying stuff. It’s all cheerful pics like its not even sad. If my friend died I would post every day about how upset and empty I am. And that’s kinda creepy a male officer would buy cookies for a rape victim. They wouldn’t do that. The victim wouldn’t be all cheerful telling the police how she loves cookies. She’d be scared that the uncle would get her again and Hurt or kill her for telling

  17. I admire your determination to look further into this. I, too, can see how things don’t add up, however, there are some errors in the points you are making.Though i am not discrediting the fact that theres a high probability (I can’t say for sure as i don’t know) that this was a creative story developed for attention,I do needto correct some of the things you said.

    It is, in fact possible for a child to be raped, whether its once or multiple times, and have it go unnoticed by those close to them.Sadly, it happens more than we could ever know, and it happened to my best friend.

    Second, as the family member of multiple law enforcement officers,as well as being a rape and domestic violence victim myself, I can tell you that there is no law statingstating a female officer has to interview you. Usually, a female will interview the victim as it would make them feel more comfortable,but in some cases, a female officer is not an option. As far as the oreos go, it is highly unlikely,but there are some very kind hearted officers.Especially where I’m from. Its rare, but some officers have been known to provide detainees or arrested persons with subs and sodas from a local sub shop.

    In addition, no, police are NOT under any circumstances allowed to disclose this information, but peers could have been informed in other ways. Again, i am a rape victim, (even after 8 years it is hard to identify myself as such, let alone tell people.)and in order to explain my point as clearly as possible, i must first tell you a condensed version of my story.

    I was 13 and I ended up in an extremely abusive and manipulative relationship.I was scared to tell anyone, and I was eventually convinced by the guy that nobody cared for me and i ultimately alienated everyone around me. There was hair pulling, punching, kicking, verbal assaults… My facial bruising was easily covered by makeup. I became so depressed that i started cutting.To this day, I have a large scar from my wrist to my elbow because he found out and decided that HE would cut my wrist too. Throughout this, my family was oblivious. Mainly because i was already suffering depression and i was good at hiding things.The relationship ended when I was raped in a park near his home. my mom picked me up later that night as scheduled and although i was crying, i told her we just fought. i cleaned my own clothing in the laundry as well as showered away the painpain and any hint of him on my skin. (Never do this as evidence vanishes this way, after a few days, all the evidenceis gone)

    Shortly after, I was continuing to cut and I attempted suicide. I was hospitalized, but my family only saw my depression and nothing more.

    I started getting flashbacks and continued self harming. I was placed in a residential facility and 4 months later, told my cousin who swore he would keep it a secret until i was ready. I told him of the abuse prior to this, but when we broke up, my cousin and I never spoke of it again. then, just shy of one year later, it got so bad, I broke down and told a therapist.

    Long story short, it was reported to the police and though a year had passedthey were still able to obtain enough evidence to charge him. His bail was 250, and he toldEVERYBODY that ihad him arrested, but he didnt do it. My whole school knew later that week, and i was literally tortured. called names, threatened, stalked. Police visited my school on multiple occasionsttowarn them that they would be charged with intimidation of a witness if it continued.

    I am still haunted by my experience, but it helped to shape me into the woman i am today.

    i shared my story to show you that Some of the things you claim to be impossible, are in fact possible. The police may not have told people, but they found out through other sources and I resorted to switching schools.

    My family never knew of this until i told them because I was already diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and they associated my behavior accordingly with my diagnosis. There are possibilities of a person of ANY age to become a victim of rape and the world remain clueless.

    If this story is 100 confirms my suspicions of being false, I will be extremely frustrated and hurt by complete strangers who would have the audacity to concoct such a brutal and frightening tale for nothing more than attention.

    Not necessarily social network hoaxes,but moreso women who lie about rape and get caught actually discredit true victims.The courts tell you every situation is different and its a case by case basis, but thats a load of bull.

    Jurors and judges are skeptical from the start and search for any flaws in the ‘victims’ story.

    Im not trying to bash what you posted, but i did want to clarify some arguments you made.

    Thanks to anyone who actually took the time to read this.

    • Clarification…the ABUSE was told to my cousin but they rape stayed my secret longer.

      Also this isnt my full story, i skipped the trial and the events preceding and following, but my point remains clear

  18. Oh and coming from someone who has lost friends as well as family to suicide, its not something to joke about. Which actually frustrates me more about people these days.

    Based on what ive shared, i didnt share it expecting a pity party, I shared it from experience to back up my information.

    Im not ashamed of my past. It still haunts me, but it no longer stops me. Im 21 and happily married Somewhere i never thought id see myself 8 years ago, or even 5.

    Hopefully people will grow up and stop this nonsense, but sadly i foresee many more stories such as ‘Jade’

  19. You people are so ignorant. Obviously it’s fake. How dare you attack this girl, THAT’S CYBERBULLYING. I not judging anyone here, but you people who are judging this girl for HER OPINION? You’re disgusting. It’s fake because there’s no truth to it. There isn’t. Open your damn eyes to see it was some dumbass who jut wanted attention. Did you not learn to read? Read the top. Idiots.

  20. I totally agree with u…too much does not add up…THIS STORY IS COMPLETELY BOGUS nd I hope the fools that came up with this bullshit rott in hell…bullying nd suicide is something serious that is plaguing teens all over the country…it should not be taken lightly or played with.

  21. omg, i’m amazed by the amount of ignorance..people, if you refuse to think logically, then please get out of here and go live in your fantasy world.btw, yeah, you should be the one who plays with barbies, and whoever wrote this post about jade’s death is being honest.So, again, if you refuse to accept the truth, at least keep it to yourselves and continue being ignorant.
    Btw, thank you for posting this post-now I’m fully aware and can distinguish stupid and pathetic people apart from the smart ones.
    Anyway, I am very sorry to hear it because personally, I wouldn’t like to be thought of as a dead person.But on the other hand, that girl must be enjoying the fame she got and simply doesn’t care whether people think she’s dead or alive as long as she’s famous.
    And dear author of the post, thank you for opening my eyes to the truth.(and for opening eyes to so many other people)

  22. You people are so ignorant. All you keep doing is ranting about how her common misconceptions of rape is completely off. You are too entirely focused on that part. What she is trying to point out is that most of this story does not add up to the entire ordeal. You can refuse to believe the facts she is throwing out there, but you do not have to try and focus on what she had made a mistake on. There are a lot of these things she has pointed out that did seem very legit to what her point was. Majority of the people how had commented missed the complete idea of the post. You need to get your logic correct and be sure to correct your understanding. This is all I must share with the people who do not understand.

    I wish you the best of luck/

  23. Kirsty McKenna said:

    It is obvious that the story was fake but: YES a 6 yr old child can be raped and parents dont find out! YES a rapist would text a victim because they have the victim so terrified, they openly communicate with the victim about it and YES the whole school could find out. Theres no such thing as secrets anymore.

  24. i wonder why we all are so relieved that this story turned out to be fake.. but must i make it clear that things like these still happen… and here we are complaining about how there’s fake stories, even when we cant handle the real ones…. instead complaining we must start acting, creating a change for those stories that are indeed real and even if we never see stories like these doesn’t mean they don’t occur .
    there are million of stories that aren’t herd but occur , stories that kids our age find hard to announce.. and one might ask why/ how do you know?
    well because maybe i almost went though what she went..
    for stories like these that perhaps aren’t real , for they show that if there’s someone who thinks this way , it might be because it is indeed actually happening in this world

  25. Sprinkletoes said:

    I agree with this story completely, my uncle touched me when I was 9 and instantly I told my mum, she almost tore his throat out :/

  26. WTF guys?! The picture she used was of a girl named Robbie Kersh. Go on her instagram and look, the photos are on there, and they were uploaded way before all this Jade shit happened. None of it is true, it’s all a hoax to get a little attention.. don’t give in to this shit

  27. all of this is fake and the girl is alive. Her name is not Jade, her name is Robbie Kersh. They stole her picture and made up a story to gain attention so maybe Ariana would notice them. This should seriously be reported.

  28. Razzed juice said:

    We now live in a world where people think of sick shit to be sick about.

  29. You guys are stupid! Yes it could be possible for a child to be raped at a young age and it go unnoticed. But this whole story is so fake
    Of you all wanna be gullible then alright
    But it shows proof of it being fake!

  30. icklepixie said:

    Well said Kesia! I’ve got a 15 year old son, he is bullied daily in school and over the internet… I would be concerned if he read something like this story that it would have a adverse effect on him. Shame on the person/persons who thought this was a way to get attention! If I was the young girls parent who’s photos were used for this extremely sick joke, I wouldn’t rest until the culprits were made accountable.

  31. She probably just wants attention so she can be famous like amanda todd or something

  32. She wants attention like amanda todd got

  33. Anonymous said:

    Did you also notice that when she posted that she finished her last day, it was the same day as the one when she posted that the officers got her cookies? The “last day and session” tweet was also before she posted that the officers just went and got her cookies. Da faq

  34. I totally agree with everything in this post, apart from
    “how would the kids at school know what happened?”
    She wrote it all over twitter? If just one of them followed her on twitter everyone would know within a week.

    But, suicide and rape are a very, very serious issue and I don’t think people should take the p*** like this. My best friend killed himself 2 and a half years ago and everyone who knew him were devistated, not posting on twitter…

  35. I do have to say that a child that young can quite easily be abused a no one be the wiser as I was abused by a family member at a similar age. I will say though, that I completely agree with the writer on this one. One thing I have found when it comes to coming forward about abuse whether it be at time or years later…is that stories like these make it so that the victim will not be believed!!! Not only have they been violated by a person they should be able to trust to protect them but they are then victimised further by this person through intimidation, threats etc, to top it off they are made to feel that if they do come forward and ask for help that they won’t be believed!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! The strength it takes for a victim to come forward about something like this is incredible and there should be the support that is needed in place for them and not the ridicule that awaits instead. It’s bullshit like this that causes the real victims to be put on trial and the people responsible should be locked up and the key thrown away. I am now 34 years old and have been trying to live with it for 29 years, I will have to deal with it for the rest of my life. This sort of crap does not help. If I found that someone had taken my daughters pics and they had been used for this purpose, the people responsible would seriously regret their actions. Does anyone know if the police have been involved? The poor girl in these photos deserves her own justice. She might not have been abused as in the story but she is definitely a victim in all this and has been violated in her own way. All it takes us one idiot to think that she was behind this story and god knows what can happen. I feel for you Robbi and hope there is someone at your end that is fighting on your behalf and supporting you to get the justice that you deserve. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! There are real victims out there who don’t need this crap.

  36. This is a fake story but the photos are not of Robbi Kersh as you will see if you go on Twitter! She is baffled by the whole thing!

  37. You’re just amazing.The truth hurt and even though they’re going to hate you , you are doing the right thing.

  38. I found her instagram 😀 she is still alive and well LOL she’s not dead at all!! She’s perfectly happy BTW her name on Instagram is robbikersh lol you guys thought she was dead!!!!

  39. I literally went through it ask as a child. You can act normal if you are scare enough. And while I was at the police office I had to speak to a man. All cases are different!

  40. your fricken kidding me. I think everyone has taken the words out of my mouth with your stupidity. People can definitely get raped at a young age. There was JUST a video of a VERY young girl getting raped and he put it on god damn facebook! You are so ignorant and disrespectful. Think before you do something!

  41. IanBell said:

    actually all of you who said the officers talk to the victim are wrong.. they go strait to the local hospital and they are investigated by a sexual Forensics nurse who then carries the evidence too the forensics research labs.. then examined and is test to the dna of the suspects.. then carried to the police and then a file is charged and the justice system takes control

  42. Jessica said:

    Its a lie… Everything on facebook is.. Pathetic really that ppl believe it

  43. Well not saying anything disrespestful to the person who ,made this but i know this girl (shes like 19 now) that was repeatedly zgetting rapped by her step dad ever since she was 8 and she did have a babysitter (him) while her mom was working. He threatened to kill her if she said anything so she obviously didnt say anything. She finally said something to her mom and her mom didnt believe her and her own mom called her a whore and that she probably seduced him. So long story short familys are messed up sometimes even your own blood.. believe it or not, this world is messed up

  44. christina said:

    i believe that this history is false, because… in the initially have a meaning, in the end… no. why? only read the posts of the twitter that have in the pictures… don’t have meaning! is false. and the pictures are of other girl? what meaning have? mmm… i don’t like these people that his fun is this class of joking. all not the world is equal that they. we have feelings!

  45. half alive said:

    I was reaped when i was three and my mom didn’t know i didn’t act normal but my mom never found or till i was thirteen. It happened till he thought i was stupid and then he beat me but i never tried to kill my self i have lived with it

  46. emma lou said:

    For a start you have no idea what your talking about!
    1- some 14 year olds need to be babysat (various reasons)
    2- yes her school would know because it was seen on the internet and once someone has seen it everyone has seen it!
    3- a 6year old can be raped and parents not know, happens all the time 😦
    4- depends on the police offic er you get!
    5- some rapists admit it!
    6- yes people can die of coma!

  47. Melissa said:

    1. a 14 year old does NOT have to be babysat. they should be old enough to take care of themselves.
    2. Police have better things to do than buy oreos for victims. they should be working on their case. And like you said, victims of sexual abuse are supposed to have a same sex officer.
    3. if the rapist admitted what they did and threaten in texts, they would have to be insaningly stupid to do so.
    4. if people are put in coma, yes.

    overall, this whole “rip jade” thing is VERY SUSPICIOUS. If all of this is true, I feel sorry for her. However, if this whole thing is all just fake shit to get attention, they have no life and they should go hunt for one instead of making up fake bullshit.

  48. PROOF IT'S FAKE DUH said:

    It’s fake. You can’t die of coma, you can die IN a coma. Why would they lie or be wrong about how she died, especially when the way they claim she died is impossible?

  49. You are a complete idiot yourself! For anyone with one ounce of sense all it would take is for them to know that the pictures were fake and of some poor child that they were stolen from and any meantly stable person would know this was all a hoax! This deserves to be written out…. SHAKIN MY DAMN HEAD!!!!

  50. I absolutely DESPISE people who lie about stuff like this.>:(

    It takes away validity and hope to be helped from people who actually are on the verge of suicide or have had something horrible happen to them – like having been raped or so…

    It is _NOT_ a way to try and get attention from your favourite celebrity. Naive, ignorant, irresponsible and harmful.. and for what? Fanatism? Being so shallow?…

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