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Bella Thorne and IM5Band are looking for back-up dancers for a shoot November 10, 2012

Are you an amazing dancer? Do you love Bella Thorne and IM5Band? Are you in or near LA?
Are you between the ages of 14-20?

Check out this casting call for dancers that Bella Posted on her Twitter!!


If you fit the criteria and are available all day on November 10, email them!

You won’t get paid in money but you’ll gain experience and memories!! How cool would it be to see yourself in a music video??

Ariana Grande and Roshon Fegan to attend Tree Lighting Ceremony In LA November 10, 2012

Ariana Grande and Roshon Fegan will join Colton Dixon and Kris Allen
At Citadel Outlet’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on November 10, 2012. The event will start at 5pm.
There are no official meet and greets scheduled but it will still be fun to watch these great performers! The event is outdoors and fans stand-in the parking lot.


Citadel Outlets is located at 100 Citadel Dr. Los Angeles just off the 5 fwy.

Follow me on Twitter @Alexirob
I let you know when and where celebs will be meeting fans!



Celebrities Show their Character at Jennifer Smart’s Charity Fundraiser Find Your Voice

This Saturday, celebrities, performers and fans attended an event in Van Nuys.
The Event was hosted by Jennifer Smart who decided to have a fundraiser instead of a sweet 16!
She is widely known throughout the entertainment industry for her radio interviews. She has been on radio and interviewing on the red carpet since she was young! Jennifer has had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest stars out there.
Money raised went to benefit
Find Your Voice which was first tested in Albuquerque, but the LA center is going to be bigger and better, with a video element for the kids who want to be in front of the camera. In the future, she would love to expand it to other parts of the country. Jennifer is doing a lot to help other kids, she feels it is really important to give back. Her motto is, “You’re never too young, or old, to make a difference”!

Ryan Ochoa and his brothers performed.


Ryan Ochoa and Brandon T Russell


Ryan’s Pair of King’s co star Kelsey Chow came out to show her support!


Disney Channel’s Kickin It, Olivia Holt also attended!

<img src="" alt="20121029-q

Sammi Hanratty rocked the red carpet!

Jennifer had fun with her friends Ryan Ochoa and Sammi Hanratty !


Tim Urban came out to support Jennifer’s charity and perform!



The Ochoa Boyz entertained the crowd!

Many other young actors, actresses and performers came out to support Find Your Voice! It was a great event!

Way to go Jennifer!

The Jonas Brothers Plan LA Concerts in November, 2012

The Jonas Brothers shared some big news on the Ryan Seacrest show this morning!

They will perform two shows at Pantages Theater in L.A. on November 27 and 28th!

Fans on the east coast recently got to enjoy a concert. So now it’s our turn!

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 3 at 10 a.m. PT at and

Jonas Brothers fans can get their tickets on October 31 at 10 a.m PT at

The guys are planning a tour next year so if you aren’t able to make it to the LA shows, be patient!


A very tricky Poser @JayceeWilkins — when proof is not proof!

DJsMix won this Season’s Make your Mark. They are super cute and amazing dancers from Arizona!

Jordyn Jones From Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition knows them and posts pic of her with them on Instagram. They both have Facebook and Instagram accounts.

About a week ago Twitter accounts were made @JayceeWilkins and @DJsMix_Dylynn

I never believed these accounts were real and BEGGED for proof!
All you have to do is post a pic Like this:

They tweeted me and their fans were defending them – well the Real Dylynn and Jaycee’s fans were protecting them.

They said @we don’t need proof! We believe in you.”

The POSER even tricked Davis Cleveland and Skai Jackson – I think they had no idea people would pose as a 9 and 10 yr old. They actually have a lot of posers too!

Believing posers is dangerous!
– we have no idea who’s behind these accounts it could be a grown man trying to get addresses from young girls- Jaycee was asking for addresses yesterday –

Anyway here is the “proof” “Jaycee” posted:


Even I have to admit this looks real! It isn’t photoshopped, and it’s really Jaycee.

Then I checked the real Jaycee’s Instagram and saw this:


So the REAL Jaycee wrote it To an Instagram FAN ACCOUNT with the same name as the Poser on Twitter – it was probably the poser who asked her to.

I asked her on IG if she had Twitter and she answered me — NO TWITTER


I asked the poser to post a pic to her instagram account and she said she would


Then she blocked me!

If anyone still believes that this is the real Jaycees account — wow– you just aren’t thinking straight!

Another Suicide in the Arianator Army #RIPArianatorJade ????

UPDATE: 1/8/13 this post is getting 1000’s of views a week, not sure why but if you are reading this thank you!!

I love Ariana Grande, her fans and feel terrible about anyone who has really been raped, abused or molested!

I just noticed that there were a lot of FAKE suicides and stories that were made up to get attention on Twitter!
This story is a good example of “red flags” things most people could use to see it was fake…. We have to think before just believing every story on Twitter and Facebook!

When We read a new story like this its ok to ask .. Does it make sense? Could this really happen? Does it seem real? Would my friends, family, sister, mom, friends, do that?

We know THIS story was fake but 100’s of more stories are REAL!!
Check out the comments! So sad!

UPDATE : 10/27

There never was a “Jade” the pictures of the pretty brown haired crying girl was of an innocent girl named Robbi K. She had no idea her pictures were stolen from her instagram and used in the hoax. Robbie is COMPLETELY innocent and had NO idea this had happened until a friend who recognized her from the “Jade” story told her.

I feel bad because some people were saying “Jade was really Robbi”
That isn’t true at all and they just meant the pics of “jade” were really the stolen pics of “Robbi”.

As I said from The beginning. This story if it were true would be sad but it had SO MANY red flags that when you look at ALL of them, no one should have believed it.

There will be more fake suicides on Twitter and in the Arianiator army.
We HAVE to be careful what we believe.

People actually cried and wrote “Jade” on their wrists. All for a girl who never existed.

The biggest red flag was no one really knew her. Everyone swore she was “my best friend.” “a real arianator” but no one would say where she lived, what school she attended, anything that people really know if they are “best friends”

I got SO much hate for posting my doubts – people called me a b*tch
C____, and of course said stupid stuff like “go play with your Barbies”

It feels good that now more people know the truth!

Here’s the whole story:


I love Ariana Grande, Frankie, Joan and the whole fan base!
I was at her 18th birthday, concert, and many other events.
I support her and help fans meet her through my Twitter @Alexirob
She’s meeting fans in Vancouver this Sunday and will be in a play at Pasadena Playhouse in the LA area 12/13-12/23.

Ever since a magazine wrote a story about Ari crying after finding out a fan committed suicide, there have been many suspicious “suicides”. Often, they were proven to be fake. Someone said the account was hacked or the person was revived in the hospital.

On 10/24 a strange story came into my timeline-

A girl named Jade “was dead”.
#RIPArianatorJade was popping up all over!

I checked her timeline and Jade had a “secret”


If a 6 yr old was RAPED it would be hard to keep that a secret — there would be blood, pain, and no Child would be able to just carry on as usual. Her mother would have noticed something.

So she told this story that even though her uncle raped her from 6-10 she had just acted like things were fine with her family
But now ..


For some weird reason a 14 yr old needed a baby sitter – and her uncle was going to babysit her.


She was so upset that he was going to babysit her – she finally told her parents.

Then she went to the police


Does this sound right? The Police went to the store and bought her Oreo Cookies? Also, men wouldn’t be talking to her – with girl sex abuse victims the police get women police for them to talk to.


There’s NO way she would know it was her “last” day at the police station.
She would most likely have to go back while the case went though the court system.

She says Uncle David texted her this:
Would a rapist admit it and threaten her in a text?


As if this wasn’t enough she then said she was being bullied.


Again to cyber bully this way is pretty dumb for the bully! And HOW did the kids at school find out? The police aren’t allowed to say anything!


Just not sure how the students would know?


According to her story the uncle was in jail. So he’s in jail the whole school knows but it isn’t in the news??

Everyone wanted to trend #RIPArianatorJade and everyone said they were her best friend – but no one would say how she killed herself – why her sister jumped on her account all kinds of unusual things.
A bunch of accounts tried to trend About it and get Ariana’s attention.

I posted my doubts and got ATTACKED !!

People were mad that I doubted this story.

I’ve just seen so many fake stories about suicide. This one doesn’t make since. No one is saying how she died. Het sister never tweeted until the morning she “died”. People don’t die of “coma” –



Then the account was hacked.. but not really ..

So this story seems very suspicious. If it were is true there would be a service for her, an obituary, a news story about the uncle. The cyber bullies would be suspended or Expelled. The sister would be more helpful – not just jump on her sister’s account for a few tweets.

Make up your own mind.

Do 14 yr olds need to be babysat?

Would her school know about it and bully her in such an obvious way?

Could a 6 yr old be raped and her mom not know? Then be raped 100 times over 4 more years?

Do police buy Oreos for victims?

Do rapists admit what they did and threaten in texts?

Do people die of “coma”?

If your friend or sister died would you care if anyone wrote her name on their wrists or if she was a Trending topic?
Would that stuff matter?

Up to you guys.. Decide for yourself

PROOF that @DJsmixx_Dylynn and @JayceeWilkins are POSERS

UPDATE on 10/24 whoever has the Dylynn account posted pics to “prove” who she was: go to the bottom of the blog if you are interested.

I’m a huge Shake it Up Fan and actually went to a taping of the show before it even aired! I met the cast and support each actor and actress.

I was at the first Make your Mark taping when Selena, Rosero and Sean Kingston were the judges.

I’m so happy DJs Mixx won this year!
They were my favorite. Here’s information about them from an article online.

In a thrilling performance showcasing dance and gymnastic skills, the dance duo DJ’s Mix – 9-year-old Jaycee and 10-year-old Dylynn from Arizona – earned viewers’ votes to win Disney Channel’s “Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off,” the popular talent competition for kids. This marks the second consecutive year of the competition. More than 90,000 online dance video submissions were received with DJ’s Mix winning among three finalists. The winning duo will have a dance performance role in an upcoming episode of Disney Channel’s top rated series “Shake It Up.”




So when my Twitter friends said Jaycee And Dylynn had Twitter I was so happy. I found their accounts and noticed they didn’t really have any proof. Their pics were all from the girls instagram accounts which were opened about 5 months ago.




Jordan James from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition knows the girls and that’s how I found their instagram.

I asked the girls to post proof like a pic of them holding a piece of paper with their name on it like this.


This would just take a minute but the girls said they were going to on Thursday????


Why would you need to wait till Thursday??

They also said their mom was protective. Well then why did she let them go on TV gave Instagram
And have Twitter and tweet for hours and follow fans??

Jaycee said she has no Instagram

We know that’s a lie


Most people with Twitter and Instagram have the accounts linked. These girls don’t.

Dylynn actually blocked me instead of just giving proof. She said I was making her sad. – All I asked for was proof since things were NOT adding up.

Lastly, I know when and where the show was taped. I was supposed to go.
I asked the girls to tell me what days it was taped the real girls would know the answer. These two didn’t. Jaycee actually kept tweeting that she’s see the people from the show on the wrong day.



The show was pre- taped WAY before Bella’s Birthday!

I am NOT a hater. I an NOT Jealous.
That’s what people kept tweeting me last night.

I hope you believe me. I LOVE the REAL Jaycee and Dylynn.

I support THEM 100%

I hope they do get Twitter someday.

These two Twitter account are NOT them.


UPDATE: 10/24
Well I asked “Dylynn to post a pic like this for proof – of her face and holding a paper with her twitter name – it’s the fastest way to prove who is running an account


This is what “she” posted instead


No paper no twitter name and it looks like a really nice camera took that pic –

She also added these pics



These are taken from the real Dylynn Instagram



She then got upset and told her followers I was making her want to delete – all I want is PROOF it’s her –

I will not be fooled by these pics.

I’m getting a lot of hate from people who believe her and she RTs people who believe her. WHY believe anyone who doesn’t prove who they are?

I don’t want to brag but seriously if they were real they would be followed by famous people and be able to prove it quickly.

I also know what days they taped the show and that’s more proof they aren’t real – why would they say this


When the results show was already taped TWO weeks earlier???

If you want to believe go on but it’s really silly to believe these accounts

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