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My timeline on Mother’s Day had lots of Tweets of Celebs thanking their moms and posting a pic of them with their mom! Isn’t that sweet?
Here are the ones I saw.

Ariana Grande and Joan


Madison Pettis and her mom.


Dillon Lane and his mom


Tiffany Espensen and mommy


Victoria Justice and mom


Sasha Pieterse


The Jonas brothers and Denise


Tucker Albrizzi and his mom


I think it’s great that these celebs took the time to honor their mom on Twitter this way!

Each of these ladies worked super hard to help their sons/daughters get they are today. Setting up and driving to them to auctions, classes, shoots, tutoring. Lots of them even home school their kids. Some families like Ryan Ochoa, Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine have other kids, so while one parent is doing all of the above the other parent is home with the others kids, trying to keep their life as normal as possible.

I’ve met some Of these Amazing Moms!
When Mitchel Musso had his first concert at the House of Blues, Kathy was passing out dog tag necklaces to fans who had Twitter. That’s when my mom signed me up. She was also wearing a Metro Station shirt to promote Mason’s band!

When 16 Wishes came out Debby Ryan had a meet and greet/signing at a Barnes in Noble in LA. I was the first one there way before the store even opened! When Debby’s mom found out she took me in the BACK to meet her!

Ryan Ochoa has 3 brothers and a little sister. The family lives in San Diego and the boys go to regular school. Ryan’s dad usually takes him places and his mom takes care of the rest of the family. She super sweet and loving.

Bella Thorne’s mom is taking care of Bella and Bella’s brother Remy as a widow! She’s with Bella at ALL events, tapings, and trips. Lots of celebs go to events with their publicist, but Tamara does it ALL for her kids! She’s a super mom!

Zendaya’s mom, Claire, was still teaching in Oakland when Zendaya was cast as Rocky in Shake it Up so her dad and Zendaya moved to LA and mom kept living in Oakland with Midnight, the family dog. Someone was always flying somewhere so they could be together. I’m happy to say that the family is reunited now.

Caroline Sunshine’s dad, Tom and Kenton Duty’s dad, Jeff are the ones who take them to all of their events and tapings so their sweet moms are able to take care of their brothers and sisters!

Yesterday, I just met Tyrel J William’s mom! Tyrel who plays Leo from Labrats is little brother to Tyler James Williams who starred for years in Everyone Hates Chris and has a new Disney Channel Original movie called Let it Shine!
They also have a younger brother, so their mom is devoted and hard working too!

10 year old Skai Jackson plays Zuri on Jessie. Her mom takes her to all her events and is a very sweet lady. Recently, Skai booked a role playing Dwayne Johnson’s daughter! Her mom was so excited to meet and have Skai work with him!

Billy Unger’s mom has Billy, Eric and Erin to take care of. When we saw her at an event in LA yesterday, she had extra autographed pics of Billy and was meeting fans and passing them out!

Joan Grande is another super mom. She’s been at every event we’ve ever been to with Ariana! She’s quite involved in her life. They are SO close!

Here’s my mom and I




Most people don’t know that Sasha Pieterse is only 16.
Her mom always brings her to events too. She’s usually hiding out in the background keeping her eye on Sasha.
Sasha graduated from high school at 14. This was a good thing since she was booked on Pretty Little Liars and had to focus on work. Sasha and her mom attend TONS of charity events together.

Dylan Snyder’s sweet mom is always with him too. They came from a little town in Alabama and Dylan was acting on Broadway at the age of 9!

These moms are amazing! Our favorite stars wouldn’t be where they are without them!

Here’s Spencer Boldman and his mama!


Zendaya and Her mommy Claire


Garrett Backstrom and his mom


Leon Thomas 3 and his sweet momma

Taylor Swift and her mom


G Hannelius and her mommy with a card G made!


Bella Thorne and her sweet momma


Here’s Joey King With her mom and grandma



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