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Ross Lynch who stars as Austin in Disney Channel’s new series Austin and Ally is in a band R5 with his siblings. The band is touring in May. His Brother, Riker, plays a Warbler on GLEE.

Here’s info about the band from their website:
R5 is a unique group of siblings born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. They have always had a fascinated group of followers and fans, ever since they showed up at their first performance in their matching outfits at the age of six on down to one. They’ve been performing, singing, dancing and acting, since they all could barely walk. Finally moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 2007, they’ve struck a chord in Hollywood, working on nearly 100 different theatrical, commercial and dancing projects.

After adding the crucial missing link, the best friend and drummer “Ratliff” to the family band, they are even more excited about their musical future. They can be seen playing live shows throughout the LA basin, from Six Flags Magic Mountain to The San Diego County Fair.

With Riker’s recurring role on Glee and Ross’s new starring role on Disney, the R5 fan base is growing rapidly around the world. Many of those fans are seasoned Hollywood producers and musicians that are surprised at the writing and performance skills the band has shown at such a young age.

Here are the 2012 tour dates!

3-May – Orangevale, CA

4-May – Bakersfield, CA

5-May – Santa Ana, CA

6-May – Phoenix, AZ

9-May – Denver, CO

10-May – Salt Lake City, UT

13-May – Seattle

14-May – Portland

15-May – San Fran

click here for tickets including meet and greets




Comments on: "Meet Ross Lynch and his brothers and sister R5 2012 tour" (11)

  1. thats not there sister!?!?!?! they sister is older then Ross ShoR Lynch and Rocky Mark Lynch!

  2. hey i love austin and ally and ross lynch music. i want to meet him and his brother and sister. i will love to.

  3. LilyRose U. said:

    I won’t to meet Ross Lynch and his brothers and sister. I love the music and the show Austin and Ally. I wish I can meet you in person, and be on Austin and Ally to.

  4. Hailey Wreza said:

    I also really want to meet him in real life.

  5. Kylie Ritchie said:

    Is rydel your sis

  6. O rrrrrrrrrrrrreallllllly

  7. Spencer Herley said:

    Dear, Ross Lynch and his Siblings, your people are funny and spend alot of time together writing songs keep up the great work,

  8. Caitlin Clark said:

    Hey I love y’all all of u are amazing and a real inspiration to me I just feel now that if I really put my mind to it I can acheave anything it is really great to have a feeling like that so I just thank every sing one of u and I love austin and ally y’all are really talented and I hope somebody answers me to this and hope to meet y’all some day hope y’all have a great summer

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